Wednesday, March 26, 2008

14 Months Old

New things Drew has learned this past month...

1) Stood up from a sitting position without holding onto anything
2) Went to the refrigerator when asked if he wanted some milk (this has only happened once, but we'll count it!)
3) Fed himself with a fork
4) Knows what a duck and a cow say
5) Recognizes certain phrases
Goes to the stairs when we say "Let's go upstairs"
Sits down by his shoes when we say "Let's go put Elmo on" (he has rockin' Elmo shoes!)
Will walk to and sit down on his changing mat when we say "Let's go change your pants"

Pictures from the last month

Yep, that's a pea on his forehead.

He's very serious about his story cards.

Sharing giggles with Grandpa V.

Whose snack is this, anyway?

About two hours before Drew got sick... You'd think I would have known something bad was coming!!!

Reading with Grandma C and Drew's second cousin, Brady.

"I don't know."

I love this look.

So really, he loves his story cards...

So silly!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I wish I could upload the scream of excitement Drew was making at this moment.

Clearly excited to go hunting for eggs!

"What kind of bunny is this?!? There's nothing in this egg!!"

First moments captured of our future artist.

So suave in argyle.
Overall, very satisfied with this day.

The Final Product

The results of Drew's egg dyeing experience...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hello, Minnesota!

Minnesota came to visit again! Our very good friends, Scott, Kathy & Grace from Eagan, who have visited us a few times since we moved to Pekin, came to see us again over the weekend, and this time, they brought us a very special surprise... more friends from Minnesota! Mary, Alisa & Kady all came to see us for the first time. It was so good to be with old friends again, and as our children get older, our time together becomes even more wild and fun. The kids seemed to have a great time, and I think Drew really liked having someone his own size to play with! The women shopped, the men played video games, the kids played, ate, and slept...a fantastic weekend was had by all!!

Drew, Grace & Kady

Drew & Grace

Drew & Kady

Because we had all decided on our own that we weren't going to dye Easter eggs this year because our kids are still too little, we thought it might be fun to give it a try while all of them are together. (Unfortunately, it was Grace's nap time, but as it turned out, moms and dads did most of the dyeing anyway!)

Ready for his egg...

Into the dye...

"What's it doing in there???"


"Oh, I get it."


Thank you, thank you, Scott, Kathy, Grace, Mary, Alisa & Kady, for taking the time off of work and traveling so far to come and see us! We really appreciate it! We had a great time!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Poopy Croupy

Drew has croup. :( After 2 1/2 days of not feeling well and a mixture of symptoms (the most worrisome being a cough that sounds like a barking seal and the funniest being his Donald Duck impersonation) I made a call into the pediatrician and had an appointment made. I walked in hoping it wasn't going to be influenza or pneumonia, and walked out with a diagnosis of croup and a prescription for oral steroids. For those who don't know (because I wasn't sure either), croup is "an infection that causes swelling of the voice box and windpipe, making the airway just below the vocal cords become narrow." Sounds scary, doesn't it? Especially since I can hear that Drew's breathing becomes labored at times. But with the steroids (which will help reduce the inflammation in his throat), a cool-mist humidifier running 24/7 in Drew's bedroom, steamy bathroom treatments (what I call our trip to the spa), lots of fluids, rest, and TLC, Drew should be on the mend in a few days.

It's so hard having a sick child...partially because it's exhausting, and partially because I just feel so badly for him. Poor baby!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Hey there, Home Slice"

So I'm not sure how this happened...I just turned around and Drew's pants were riding below his bottom. One of our youth kids at church must have taught him the "hip & trendy" way guys wear their pants these days.

Go figure!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Drew's BFF

Luci is certainly proving herself to be a very good dog (it might have taken 3 1/2 years, but she's finally getting there!). She is so great with Drew; patient and playful and kind. She has her moments of jealousy, but they usually pass without too much commotion. I think that we get more upset with Drew when he disrupts Luci than she does! Most recently, Drew has become obsessed with Luci's food and water dishes; he especially loves splashing the water onto the wall, the floor, the chairs, everywhere! (How do you effectively discipline a one-year-old?!?!?! Drew certainly is persistent!!) Anyway, as he was splish-splashing away the other night, the two bowls banged together and the water dish broke. Uh oh! Drew also enjoys "loving on" Luci by snuggling with her and digging his face into her soft, warm fur. She usually takes it pretty well, and when it gets to be too much for her, she gets up and walks away. Drew encourages Luci (sometimes positively, sometimes negatively) by playing with her toys and banging on the patio door when she's outside trying to take care of her business. Drew becomes Luci's best friend whenever he has food, although I don't think Luci quite understands why I don't feed her off the table when I'm feeding Drew all the time. He has learned (by example, unfortunately) how to feed Luci himself, as most of his Cheerios, goldfish and occasionally a fish stick, end up on the floor. Luci is a good girl, most of the time, as she patiently waits when Drew runs away with her ball or makes her kennel his new toy. We are very lucky to have such a mellow, understanding, and sweet puppy. She's a keeper!