Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bye-bye, Ba-Ba

With all the "firsts" in Drew's life, we often forget about all the "lasts."

I just put Drew to bed for the first time without a bottle. Last night was his last one...we're out of formula, and the bottles have been washed and stored away in the cupboard. We'll see how tonight goes. I'm a little nervous that Drew won't sleep through the night since he's used to a bedtime snack. I did give him a few bananas and a cereal bar, along with his milk, before reading books and putting him in bed. I might get lucky, though, considering I dosed him with Benadryl before laying him down. He hasn't been feeling well the last couple days and, consequently, not sleeping well. Last night at 3am, I finally conceded to the medicine, to help dry up his runny nose and help him (and me) sleep better. It must have worked...he woke up at 9:45 this morning!

I frowned a little today. Brad put together a DVD of Drew's first year, made from our home videos. I watched it today, and found myself sad. Watching Drew at 3 and 5 and 8 months old just reminded me that he'll never be that little baby again! That whole thing about how fast time flies...totally true. I miss my baby Drew...but...I don't miss waking in the night, or washing bottles, or not getting the toilets cleaned for an insanely, and totally inappropriate, length of time (that's just gross). I do really enjoy the stage Drew's at right now, as he begins to explore and discover and become more independent. I'm glad we have the video...I can relive those baby moments without having to relive the sleep deprivation!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One year stats

Off to see Dr. Hunter yesterday for Drew's one-year well-baby visit. And, as we all already know, Drew's perfect! :) He's developing as he should for a baby his age, weighing in at 25 pounds and measuring 31 inches in length (both in the 75th percentile). He was a trooper as he got his finger pricked to test his iron and lead levels (both normal) and only cried for a brief moment as he was vaccinated. Just one more round of shots to go at his 15 month appointment, and then he gets a break until he heads off to kindergarten. (What?! Kindergarten?!?! I'm having a hard enough time with the realization Drew will never be a baby again, nevermind the fact that in a few short years he'll be in school!!!)

Drew also got his one year portraits taken yesterday at JCPenney. The photographer said that she could take Drew's picture all day, he was so much fun and "easy" to photograph. Man, if people keep telling me how great my kid is, I just might get a big head!! :)


Happy Birthday to Drew! And what a fantastic day we had! With grandparents, uncles, an aunt and a cousin all here to celebrate, we had a great day on Saturday. Drew enjoyed his first slice of pizza, played Sesame Street games, opened presents, and devoured cake. Then he played his little heart out with all of his new toys and books. Soooo many thanks to those of you who were able to be here for Drew's big day...we so appreciated you making the trip to be with us as we celebrated.

Ready to attack all those gifts!

But who needs new toys when I've got Luci's ball and my magic drawer??

Tip of the Day: When you're hands are too busy to eat cake, just use your toes!

Drew's Sesame Street Birthday Cake


"I think I'm gonna be sick..."

Friday, January 25, 2008

New Year, New Site

After much complaining about our old website, I decided it was time to move along and enter the world of blogging (a very scary thing considering I ridicule Brad about it all the time!). I hope this will be a better way for everyone to receive updates about what's new in Drew's world, with more frequent posts and pictures to share.

My New Year's resolution was to email more...maybe this site will be a nice alternative!

Drew's first birthday is tomorrow. WOW! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of grandparents, uncles, an aunt, and a few cousins. What an exciting time!