Sunday, March 28, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 12

Brad and his dad spent much of the weekend fawning over their NCAA basketball brackets. They're in a poll with much of their family. It's been an interesting tournament so far!

Another trip to the pediatrician results in another diagnosis and prescription for Reed. This time: a herpes/cold sore virus. Antibiotics and an anti-viral cream were both prescribed.

This is a picture of courage. Drew, the normally sensitive and tentative type, marched himself to the top of the tallest slide on the playground, and very proudly and confidently slid down. (He wasn't too thrilled about doing it again, steps, right?)

Just two monkeys jumpin' on the bed. :)

Brad's office. He's here Tuesday-Friday, and of course on Sundays. The church is next door to our house, so there's definitely convenience there. The boys and I made a surprise mid-morning visit just to say "hi."

Three of my favorite aisles at Hobby Lobby. And this week, a super scrapbooking sale! Embellishments, stickers, papers, and much more ALL on sale this week!

Brad spent his morning at church, helping with an Easter bake sale fundraiser. Drew was pretty upset when Brad headed out the door (I think he's been missing Daddy lately). Because the bake sale was on the front lawn of the church, Brad invited Drew over to play while he "worked". It was some much needed Daddy-time for our big guy.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Excuse Me? Say What? For Real?!?

It was last Monday when I first noticed a small scratch on Reed's chin. Or at least, I thought it was a small scratch. And the only reason I took real notice was because that's when we had pictures taken at Penney's and I thought to myself "perfect timing there, Buddy."

But as the week progressed, that small "scratch" began to grow. And become pretty red and irritated, and eventually, scabbed over. It got so large, that it started to look like something Reed would have gotten had he landed face first on a slab of concrete. Definitely wasn't a scratch. But couldn't quite tell what it was.

I made a phone call to the pediatrician's office on Friday morning. Part of the problem, I thought, was that Reed's chin is constantly wet from his pacifier use and his teething drool, so the scab never really gets a chance to heal. I still wasn't sure what in the world had happened (I still kinda thought he had somehow scratched himself and perhaps it was growing because it's constantly irritated from his drool??? HA! What do I know!) so the nurse advised me to wash it clean, cover in triple antibiotic ointment, and keep a band-aid on it.

That worked for about two seconds. Just long enough for him to begin to drool again and get the band-aid all wet. And guess what? Wet band-aids don't stick.

Yeah, that wasn't gonna work.

So after getting through the weekend, and occasionally thinking it was looking better, but noticing at other times that this is more than just a scratch or scab, it was time to call the doctor again. It never hurts to have things checked out, I figured.

{At some point yesterday I even said to Brad, "I bet he has herpes or something." I began to notice the feel and texture of the "scab" and it looked like small blisters, and it continued to grow, creeping closer and closer to his mouth. So herpes was the first thing that came to mind.}

I should totally be a nurse.

Sure enough. Adding insult to Reed's already strep-throat-ezcema-covered-iron-deficient injured self.... as if that wasn't enough.... the kid has herpes.


Wha?! For real?

I know, I know. A totally different kind of herpes. But you've gotta admit, when you first hear that word, "cold sore" is not what you first think about!!!

And now I know what you're all thinking. "Holy cow, woman! How could you not know this wasn't just a scratch?!" But trust me, this is the worst it has looked, and it started much, MUCH smaller and much, MUCH more innocent looking!

And remember. Herpes. Doesn't typically come to mind when you think of a ONE YEAR OLD!

We never like to leave the doctor's office empty handed, so off to the pharmacy (again!) for two more prescriptions. A new antibiotic (he literally just finished the amoxicillian for strep) as apparently these things have a tendency to become infected, and some kind of high-potency anti-viral cream to clear up the skin. The doctor also advised to keep a look out inside of his mouth (inside his cheeks and the back of his throat) to make sure it doesn't spread. If it does, he'll prescribe an oral anti-viral to attack that.

THANKFULLY, Reed doesn't appear to be in any kind of pain as a result. Kid's as tough as nails.


Reed's continual state of illness and infection, one after another, is frustrating AND heart-breaking. As a mom, I just want him to be happy AND healthy. It's no fun seeing my children hurting or in pain or not feeling well. But this cycle has given me a new level of thankfulness.

I'm thankful that Reed is only this sick. That is isn't worse, like so many other kids.

That modern medicine quickly heals his ouchies. And that we have access to it.

That he doesn't need a specialist to make him feel better.

That he doesn't spend time being poked, prodded, tested, or otherwise made uncomfortable to try to find out what's wrong.

That he isn't in the hospital.

That he isn't so so sick, making us so so scared.

It has made me realize, once again, just how blessed we are.

Weekend Wrap-Up

As I mentioned in my previous post, Brad's parents, along with one niece and one nephew, came for a visit this past weekend to celebrate Reed's birthday. Because we were in Florida with my family just prior to his birthday, and celebrated with them there, I decided not to have an official party for Reed as he turned one (add it to the list of things Reed will bring up as "unfair" when he's a teenager!). Instead, we invited Brad's family to come when they would like (if they were able) to wish Reed a happy birthday.

And because there was no official party, there had yet to be an official cake. Reed had his own first birthday cake in Florida, and I hadn't baked one for us because, quite frankly, I'd be the only one that would eat it and I just don't need that kind of diet these days! So with company coming, what better time to make a cake, right?

In the back of my mind, I knew that if I would bake a cake, I would want it to be a Monkey Cake (what else, right?). I looked at my local grocery store, and they had a cute monkey made from cupcakes, but having ordered from them for Drew's first birthday, and being less than satisfied with the results, I was hesitant to order from them again. And as I've mentioned before, my friend Manda makes cakes, but I didn't want to bother her on short notice. So I thought to myself "I can totally do this." And lo and behold, I did!

I Googled "monkey cake" and this was in the top five images. Super cute, and appeared to be somewhat easy for a super-cake-decorating-novice like me to replicate. And for the most part, it was. Simple circles cut to size and no small details to try to work out with a pastry bag and frosting! It was actually kinda fun (although time consuming) and I look forward to attempting to do it again!

Grandma and Grandpa came with a slew of gifts for Reed, and a special one for Drew, too. Reed got a couple new outfits for spring, a baseball and bat, and a few other toys. As always, Drew was ever-so-helpful when it came to tearing off the wrapping paper!

This is a small, handmade tote bag made by Grandma Boat some years ago before she passed away. It was made to be given to our first-born when he began attending Sunday School. It's Drew's "church bag" for him to use to bring home all of his class papers.

A few of the other things we did.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 11

We bought the altar flowers for church this morning in honor of Reed's first birthday.

Monday {3.15.10}
We went to JCPenney's Portrait Studio this morning to have pictures taken (Drew's 3rd year, Reed's first year, the boys together, and our family photo). I will use one of the family portraits for today's POTD.

The boys' cousins Lauren and Lewis, and Aunt Esther, stopped by today on their way home from their spring break trip to Ohio. They were only able to stay for a few hours, but the boys had a great time!

Once the boys are tucked in bed for the night (and usually me, too!) Brad takes up residence on the living room floor for a little "alone time" with the XBox. He would probably say it helps him relax and relieves stress. I would say it's just a guy thing.

Spring has sprung! Our first walk of the season. Sunny and 64. (Sidenote: It was snowing and 34 by Saturday!)

Add another notch to my "Supermom" belt! :) Grandma and Grandpa VW, along with Alison and DJ (two more cousins), came for the weekend to celebrate Reed's birthday. Perfect time to practice cake-baking/making/creating, right? With a little help from a thing called "Google," I made a monkey cake for our little Monkey!

An example of the weekend fun Drew had with his grandparents and his cousins. Puzzles, games, basketball, toys, stories, laughter, fun, fun, fun!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Florida Part V: The Birthday

Because we were flying home on Reed's birthday, we celebrated the night before (Tuesday, the 9th) while in Florida. I ordered a small cake from the local grocery store for Reed to dig into (the rest of us had leftover wedding cake), and Reed was able to open a few presents as well. I felt a little guilty about not making a big fuss over Reed's first birthday like I did for Drew...but then I thought "Sheesh, this kid just spent an entire week in Florida...what's there to feel guilty about??" :)

"Let me... it...