Monday, September 16, 2013

Week in the Life {the weekend}

Our weekend was full, but relaxing.  We had a couple of fun things to attend on Saturday, and then had our normal Sunday routine of church, Skyping, naps, football, and small group.


Late morning we headed across town for a family carnival, hosted by an area church.  It was a bit chilly outside, but with the sun shining, it really made for a great day to be outdoors (something we don't do enough).    

This weekend was also Balloon Festival weekend in Midland, so Saturday night we headed to the fairgrounds to take in the annual hot air balloon launch.  Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate, and with wind gusts up to 20mph, it wasn't safe for the balloons to take flight.  The skydivers were able to jump (which is equal parts entertaining and stomach-churning) and two balloons did do a very short, very low drift through the sky.

I found that my attention to, and interest in, taking photos wained considerably this weekend, especially on Sunday.  I simply forgot to take pictures of much, really, and used my phone camera for the pictures I actually did take (which results in super poor quality).  I think I may cheat and, if I remember, try to capture a few photos next week.  Sundays are big days for us, and I want to be sure I have accurate documentation.

So here is a little sneak into Sunday:

There are a few other small things, here and there, that I'd like to have included in this project, so I may shoot a few more pictures around here throughout this week.  Being as this was my first time playing around with this project, I found it difficult to really "see" all that happens in such a way as to want to capture it with the camera.  And it takes a lot of forethought to set up the camera to capture said moments!

I did, though, learn quite a bit during this process, primarily about myself and how I approach my days. Each night, I journaled, just a bit, about each day and the things that struck me or were significant.  Or funny.  I may or may not share those thoughts here, but they will somehow be included in whatever final form (scrapbook?) this photo journal takes.

Thanks for playing along!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week in the Life {Friday}

Today was a good day.

I can tell that I am really going to *love* my time on Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings when both boys are at school and I have a little "me" time.  It will likely take a bit for me to figure out how to be both productive and relax at the same time. :)

My picture quantity was up today, but there were several things that I could've taken a picture of but didn't:  Both boys running around the house like madmen before leaving for school.  And how absolutely stone silent they both were while driving to school.  The photo editing I did on the computer.  The giant chore of sweeping/mopping/vacuuming.  How well Reed entertains himself for what can be giant portions of the day.  Folding the first of many loads of baby blankets and towels.  How the boys picked up right where they left off after being reunited after school.  Brad at a bonfire tonight.

There was quite a bit I did capture, though, and was surprised to see just how much of our "right now" that I hadn't yet photographed.


Looking forward to this weekend - a break to our weekday routine with a couple special events to attend.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Week in the Life {Thursday}

Even fewer pictures today than yesterday.  My mojo is waining a little bit, and my body just downright disagreed today.  I was still able to capture a little bit of "us" though, as I went through my day.