Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween started off this morning by making cookies! (Okay, I cheated. They were sugar cookies from a bag, and frosting from a container.) I failed to find Halloween sprinkles at both Walmart and the grocery store this past week, so we improvised. We mixed up a bit of orange frosting and Drew attacked the cookies with green Christmas sprinkles. Same difference, right?

If you ever need a sprinkle man, just call on Drew...he takes his job very seriously!

(But he likes to sneak a lick or two, too!)


Mmmm good.

The finished product.

After naps this afternoon, but before the sun went down and it got any cooler outside, we got the boys all decked out in their costumes. We did just a little bit of walking around our neighborhood, primarily to those from church that live down the street. Drew was super excited about trick-or-treating, but was a little gun-shy when it came to do the actual work of it (the knocking and speaking part!). He's starting to understand the general concept, and what can I say? He's just like his mom...candy is a great motivator!

Introducing Lightening McQueen's crew chief, and our little spotted frog!

Check out Drew's expression... WAY excited!

The end result.

Just for fun...
What's with spotted frogs wanting to eat pumpkins?!?

Reed, 7 1/2 months old, Halloween '09

Drew, 9 months old, Halloween '07

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paint by Pumpkin

Instead of carving our pumpkins, we decided to paint pumpkins this year (thanks, Kathy, for the great idea!). Drew was able to be more "hands on" this way, and it was much less work for Brad (which he liked a lot!). Drew was super excited about painting, as you can see from this picture...

...he kind of has a "carving" grin on his face, wouldn't you say?? A little too happy to be defacing a pumpkin!

The final results...
I painted the one with the hair, and Drew did the other two. He thinks they're pretty cool, but was a bit disappointed when I took them out to the front porch. I think he thought they were going to join us for dinner. :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Imagination Movers

If you're unfamiliar with the Imagination Movers, let me introduce you...

Meet Mover Scott, Mover Smitty, Mover Rich, and Mover Dave!

Everyone in our house LOVES these guys. They star in the Disney Channel's children's program of the same name. These four Movers work in the Idea Warehouse, where they use their imaginations to help customers find solutions to their problems. They've helped a football player learn how to catch a ball, a trombone player learn how to march and play at the same time, and they helped Pants Armstrong learn how to ride his bike again! Of course, they have their own share of problems to solve, like when Dave's inventions get out of hand or when Scott has a bad hair day. (Learn more about the Movers here.)

Last night, Drew had the pleasure of helping the Movers solve their newest idea-emergency (Smitty had lost his voice!) LIVE and IN PERSON! We were lucky enough to be able to attend the Davenport performance of the Imagination Movers "Live from the Idea Warehouse." Along with Drew's second cousins, Noah and Brady, we brainstormed, sang, and danced our way through an hour and a half of Mover fun!

I was able to capture a few short videos.

Brainstorm with us!

Drew had a hard time keeping his dancing legs in his seat!

Waiting for the show to begin!

Drew with cousins Noah and Brady.

There they are! The MOVERS!

Singin' with Mover Scott.

"Can you help us solve our idea-emergency??"

Dave, Scott, Rich and Smitty

Mover Rich and Mover Smitty

Scott using his Wobble Goggles.

Dave thinks he has just the thing to help Smitty find his voice...unfortunately, it didn't work.

Mover Dave

Mover Smitty

Warehouse Mouse in the light and sound booth.

Mover Rich (Drew didn't get to give him a high-five, but he almost followed him back on stage!)

Idea-emergency solved!

It was a really great show. I must say that I was quite impressed, and I'm pretty sure I had a better time than Drew did! Preschoolers must not be that intimidating as all the guys made their way into the audience at one point or another, giving high-fives and talking with the kids. It was great! (So great that the little girl across the aisle had a bit of meltdown upon the show's end.) With no nap yesterday afternoon, we were sure that Drew would crash as soon as we got in the van to head home. But his adrenaline must have been pumping as he didn't fall asleep until we were about 10 miles from our exit!

So if you haven't watched these guys in the morning on Disney, or heard any of their songs, I encourage you to check them out with your kids or grandkids. Shoot, just check them out for yourself. They're pretty great, and they can teach us adults a thing or two, too. :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Apple Blossom Farm

It was a breath of fresh air this afternoon as we spent some time outdoors at Apple Blossom Farm, an apple orchard and pumpkin patch in Peoria. And has been our yearly tradition, our friends from Minnesota were here this weekend to enjoy it with us! The Vrieze family (Scott, Kathy, Grace and Norah) made another visit to Pekin, and as always, we enjoyed our time together very much! As adults, we chit chat and catch up, but I think our greatest joy is seeing our kids interact and play with each other. It's never expected or required that we do anything extra-special; we usually enjoy the days at home, eating, playing, napping and talking. Yesterday morning, the eight of us did venture out to take in the opening of Toyland. Sounds like an amusement park, with fun rides and sugary foods, doesn't it? It's not. Toyland is what Farm and Fleet calls their huge fall sale on all things t.o.y.s! I wish I would have had my camera. Picture this....Drew and Grace in the back of the cart, Reed in the front, Norah being held by her daddy, and the four of us adults battling other parents and kids though the tight toy aisles. An adventure to say the least! We didn't even get there until 10:30, and it had opened at 7! We caught a few good deals for Christmas and birthday gifts, so I can say I've officially started my holiday shopping! :)

As always, our deepest thanks to our friends for their continued willingness to stay in touch by "vacationing" at our house. We can't wait to see you again soon!

Here are a few snapshots from the Farm...

Dad and Drew coming down the giant slide!

The farm had several play centers for kids to enjoy. I think Drew liked the swings the best.

Reed and Norah enjoying the farm the best way they know how...from the stroller.

This year at the Farm, three feet tall!

"Hey Gracie, a goat!"

(Not the best family portrait, but Drew's got a million-dollar smile!)

A couple snapshots of some other fun...

I have to give Brad the credit for capturing this priceless moment!

Color Wonder time.

Norah and Reed, obviously flirting.

Drew and Grace. Believe it or not, they only had one moment of toy stealing/jealously/non-sharing. Pretty good, huh?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Seven Months Old

Milestones this month:

Introduced sippy cup
Pushes himself up onto all fours
Rode in the front of a shopping cart without carseat

If only we all were this giddy at 6:00 in the morning...

Humorous, yes. Gross, absolutely.

Drew's smiling, but his eyes don't hide his nerves very well!

Where'd our chubby cheeked toddler go?!?!

Silly boys!

You can bet that some serious life lessons are being taught here.

Check his mouth...totally screaming with delight!

Watching Disney in the morning.

You can't see from this picture, but I was attempting to work on my Bible study while the boys were playing like this. Another gold star on my "supermom" chart! ;)

Drew often times wants to hold Reed. "Sit him in my lap, mama." He's usually pretty nice about it, but it's a good thing Reed is so big; Drew can give a good squeeze.

Picnic supper in the living room as we watched the playoff tiebreaker game between the TWINS (!) and the Tigers.

More love!

We break 'em in early...texting with Mom.

Goofy grins!

Our monkey!

Definitely frame-able!