Thursday, May 16, 2013

Big Brothers

In case you missed it... 

we're having a baby!

And we're pretty excited!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


So hi.

How are you?

April went by in a bit of a flurry, no?

And looky there...May is darn near half over.

Oy.  Where have I been?

Let's see if I can recap a bit here...

* April was primarily rainy and gloomy here.  For as much snow as my dear Minnesota family and friends received during the month, we received the rain instead.  Enough rain (+ freezing temps) to have school called off for an "ice day" and again the following week for a "flood day".  Yep.  That much rain.  There were areas of town that flooded significantly, and one of the high schools was used as a shelter for those that needed to be evacuated from their homes, hence the district cancelled school.

Even with the five or so snow/ice/rain days we've had this year school, I don't believe any extra days have been added onto the end of the year.  But the last day isn't until June 12... still 20 days to go.  The end is near!

With all the gray and clouds during the month, Reed and I found ourselves to be quite bored.  I mean really.  There is only so much two can do within the confines of home.  At least if it had snowed, we could've played in it!  We played a lot of Mastermind for Kids, colored a lot of pictures, and, honestly, watched too much of the Disney channel.  Needless to say, we were thrilled with the many 70 degree days we've had the last few weeks!  Perhaps the only "productive" thing I did during the entire month was think a lot about what our Summer List is going to look like.  Oh yeah.  Totally sick with spring fever!

* Spring break was the first week of April, and eventhough halfway through the first day I thought for sure that if my kids weren't dead, I would be (and I'm looking forward to summer!?!  Aye!), it turned out to be a pretty great week.  And most likely credit for that needs to go to Grammy and Papa, as they were able to be here for the latter half of the week.  We did the usual (play play play) but also treated ourselves to a visit to the Butterfly exhibit at Dow Gardens.

 It is advised to wear bright colors if you want the butterflies to land on you.  So I, of course, wore black as to not draw any attention to myself.  That turned out well.  This big guy landed and stayed, and when he was finally encouraged to move, he found a few choice tooshies to land on.  *snicker*

Everyone was excited to go, but apparently there is something extremely threatening about butterflies as both boys preferred to hide out in the coat room rather than to engage with the flying insects.

* Biggest accomplishment of the month: Reed earned his potty prize!  Except that it doesn't really mean anything.  More later...

* Both boys started soccer in late April.  There's a bit of a story to go along with this, that with any luck I'll actually blog about (ha!), but to sum up for now, it's going fairly well. :)

* Wednesday night programming at church came to a close.  Both Drew and Reed absolutely loved their Wee Kids class, and Reed will remain there for two more years.  Drew "graduated" and will move up to the 1st-4th grade group this fall.  Not sure what I'm gonna do now that I have to cook dinner an extra night of the week... ;)

* Drew brought home from school a piece of paper stating that a piece of his school art was going to be displayed at a district wide art show at Dow Diamond (baseball stadium) at the end of the month.  Brad and I knew nothing about this other than what the certificate read, so after inquiring with Drew's teacher, we learned more.  Apparently this is an annual event, and it is at the discretion of the art teachers at each school as to who's work will be on display.  I have no idea what the qualifications were to be selected, but Drew was one of three students in his class to be chosen.  Um yeah.  Pretty proud parent moment right here!

It was a huge display of art, from preschool to high school, and it was pretty fun to see Drew's hot air balloon among it.

This pretty much sums it up.  And as far as sharing photos from this month for Project Life, this is about it.  I need to get back into the groove of thinking "I want to be sure to capture this memory with the camera".  It's not so natural right now, which might explain a bit the lack of blogging.  I am finding new inspiration, and hope to share again soon!