Tuesday, February 10, 2009

35 Weeks

4.5 weeks to go! (I hope that's all...) YAHOO!!

Back to the doctor yesterday. I have been having some more "regular" irregular contractions (if that makes sense) lately so the doctor checked things out, but, unfortunately, I'm not nearing labor any time soon. I'm barely dilated to one... ugh.

Oh, this was funny. I asked how big my belly is measuring now, and the doctor said I'm measuring about 36 weeks. So good news: I've apparently plateaued (yeah!). The funny part? Four weeks ago I was measuring 37 weeks. I've shrunk!

Now I'll begin returning to the clinic weekly for check-ups. I've decided to try to be a bit more positive about this pregnancy, and not wishing it to be over, like, right now. Like Brad says, "Babies don't cry when they're still in your belly." (Always the optimist, isn't he???) So I've somewhat given up on the idea of pushing my doctors to induce early, although I am still a bit concerned about the baby's size and wondering if it will play a role in going a full 40 weeks. (Obviously I know I can deliver a 9-pounder, but who wants to do that again???) And it's not so much the weight that concerns me as the size of the baby's head, as it was measuring so large when we had our last ultrasound. So I will raise that question on Monday when I return to the clinic. Potentially having to use the vacuum or forceps frightens me a bit, and I'd hate to have a c-section based on the baby's head size, especially if it could have been avoided by delivering a little early. But alas, I am just the pregnant woman; what do I know? We'll see what the "experts" have to say on it.

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In other news, Drew's newest milestone is that he can say his full name. Our conversation goes a little like this...

Us: "Drew, what's daddy's name?"
Drew: "Braaaaadd"
Us: "What's mommy's name?"
Drew: "Weseee"
Us: "What's your name?"
Drew: "Drew 'obert Vander Wohl"

Pretty funny.

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