Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mama's Boy

It's hard to share mommy with someone else when you've had her all to yourself for two years. Drew's been having some tough moments as the big brother. A few examples are...

Drew doesn't like feeding time. We can usually convince him to sit beside me and "help"...notice how close he needs to be!

For someone not wanting his own diaper changed, Drew doesn't want me to change Reed's either.

I'm sure all of this is normal, as we all adjust to having two babes in the house. Drew is still very attentive to Reed, especially when he's crying, and he doesn't shy away from giving him affection. He would just prefer it if I didn't! At least Drew hasn't said anything yet about wanting to send Reed back!

Reed is already two weeks old. It's hard to remember how things were when Drew was first born, but a few observations we've already made: Reed is more owly than Drew. Drew didn't get a pacifier until 6 weeks old; Reed got his on day 3. Reed doesn't have the cute little newborn cry; he downright screams. He prefers not to be naked and hates having his diaper changed, although that seems to be improving. The time he spends awake is lengthening, and during that time, he seems to be more content than upset. He and I had a few difficult nights, as he decided that 2am was a good time to be awake. The last couple nights he's done better, so I will choose to be optimistic that he's figured out that sleep is good when it's dark outside!

Regardless of these challenges, I wouldn't trade this for the world. Life with my boys...couldn't be much sweeter!

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