Wednesday, August 5, 2009


(For those of you who are not avid Cars fans, then this won't make sense to you. It's a staple in our house; watched all the time, as you can see. We all highly recommended it... it's our favorite!)
So you know how thoughts or a conversation can lead from one subject to another, and by the time your conversation is over, you're not quite sure how you got from point A to point B? Well, I'm not sure how this dialogue started, but here's what transpired between Drew and me.

Drew: "Reed's Mater."
Mom: "Reed's Mater? Who are you?"

Drew: "I'm Lightning McQueen!"
(which I love because McQueen and Mater are best friends!)
Mom: "Who am I?"

Drew: "You're Doc!"
(so I get to be the old guy, who's crabby but very wise...yep, that sounds like me!)
Mom: "Who's Daddy?"

Drew: "Daddy's Flo!"
(the girl car!! HA HA!)

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