Saturday, October 10, 2009

Seven Months Old

Milestones this month:

Introduced sippy cup
Pushes himself up onto all fours
Rode in the front of a shopping cart without carseat

If only we all were this giddy at 6:00 in the morning...

Humorous, yes. Gross, absolutely.

Drew's smiling, but his eyes don't hide his nerves very well!

Where'd our chubby cheeked toddler go?!?!

Silly boys!

You can bet that some serious life lessons are being taught here.

Check his mouth...totally screaming with delight!

Watching Disney in the morning.

You can't see from this picture, but I was attempting to work on my Bible study while the boys were playing like this. Another gold star on my "supermom" chart! ;)

Drew often times wants to hold Reed. "Sit him in my lap, mama." He's usually pretty nice about it, but it's a good thing Reed is so big; Drew can give a good squeeze.

Picnic supper in the living room as we watched the playoff tiebreaker game between the TWINS (!) and the Tigers.

More love!

We break 'em in early...texting with Mom.

Goofy grins!

Our monkey!

Definitely frame-able!

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