Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Personal Shopper

With only Reed at home now during the day, running errands has become a much easier feat.  After a small incident late in the summer at the grocery store when upon returning home I swore I wouldn't take Reed to the stores with me again until he was 13...he has now become my own little shopping buddy.  And on some days, it can be quite the marathon shopping (it's just easier to go out one day to tackle all the errands instead of going out multiple times during the week).  He is usually agreeable to riding in the cart, and if I accurately calculate my spacing from the shelves on one side and from oncoming customers on the other, Reed's hand can't reach to swipe the products off the shelves when he insists he must touch everything.  (Why must kids do that?!?!)  

And when I said " an easier feat" I meant because there's only one kid to supervise, not two!

And when the errands get long and tired and boring, I can always count on a few suitable distractions to help us both out.

He doesn't even know they require money for the full entertainment package!  Two points for Mama!

On one particular day, while picking up a few things at Target, my phone rang, and while I was distracted, Reed went about filling our cart.

Whatever he thought we needed that was within reaching distance for him, he grabbed and slid into the cart. 

We were in the snack aisle, no less, and as he pushed his way down the aisle, he was looking for just the right treats.  It was pretty cute when he picked one up, shook his head, and then put it back on the shelf.  Kid likes what he likes, I guess.  

By the time I was off the phone, he had worked his way up one aisle and down the other, successfully filling our cart with 12-15 unwanted and unneeded items.  But for graciously agreeing to put them all back, I let him pick two to keep.

Cuz I'm cool like that.

Or more likely, cuz he's cute like that.

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  1. This is such a cute story! It's impressive that he just spent your phone time 'shopping.' I hate to think what my kids would have done... sigh!