Sunday, December 22, 2013

One Month Old

Yesterday our baby girl turned one month old.

Normally, I would be expressing my disbelief at how fast time is flying and would you just slow down already.  But it honestly doesn't feel that way.  I have soaked up every single second I have spent with my sweet one, that arriving at this first milestone feels just right.  Of course she's one month old...what else would she be???

In the last week or so, I've noticed exactly how much Ruby is growing.  I don't know her exact measurements (she has an appointment with her pediatrician after the New Year) but she is certainly lengthening and gaining weight.  She is stretching out her legs, spending less and less time with them curled up into her tummy.  She has outgrown the few newborn sized clothes she had and the little knit hats I bought for her before she was born now pop off her head shortly after I put them on.  

She is eating three ounces of formula every three hours (we had a few formula issues early on but those seem to be resolved, at least for the moment).  Much like the boys, she was easy to set on a schedule and she does a really good job sticking to it.  She's almost like a clock; she wakes almost exactly on time in order to eat.  If her bedtime bottle is late enough (11:00ish) she'll wake only once during the night to eat, and then wake again in the early morning.  She is sleeping really well in her crib, and *thankfully* falls back asleep easily after her midnight feedings.

After sleeping much of her first two weeks of life, she now has longer periods of awake time throughout the day.  She'll tolerate "play time" (lying under her play gym, tummy time, talking with her brothers) for short moments and then will want to be held again.  Speaking of being held, she seems to think she needs to be cuddled in order to stay asleep.  She'll fall asleep in our arms, and within 10 minutes of putting her down (either in her bouncy seat, the swing, or in her crib) she'll wake up.  We'll rock asleep again, only for the cycle to continue.  I'm thankful this isn't the case after dark!

This last month, she celebrated her first Thanksgiving.  And we're fairly certain we saw her first smile on Friday night.  That will be confirmed when we see the next one.  (Her smile, by the way, is beautiful.  It starts in her eyes before you see it cross her lips.)

She is a wonder.

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