Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I had my appointment this morning with Dr. Egley, the perinatologist I was referred to last week. After taking some beautiful pictures of our baby, the doctor entered the room and said "I have no bad news for you today." What a relief! Sure, baby measures a little big (especially in the noggin!), but everything looks great. He also said that the heart "calcification" is nothing of concern and that if I were his daughter, he'd tell me not to lose sleep over it. The kind of problems they see with the heart are ones that are found in the actual muscle (indicator of Down Syndrome) but that the "sparkle" they see on our baby's heart is not located in such a spot. Everything the doctor had to say basically told us not to worry, that things look great, and he'll see us again for another ultrasound in 4 weeks to do more measurements to check how things are progressing.


Of course, he couldn't tell us just from looking at an ultrasound if I have diabetes or not. I'm still waiting to hear the results from the glucose test I took last Monday. I follow-up with my doctor on Monday, and will hopefully know by then. I'm relieved to know that even if I do have gestational diabetes, baby is doing just fine.

The ultrasound was in the usual grainy black and white 2-D images that they normally are...until, much to our surprise, the technician made a "click click" on her machine and all the sudden the images changed to 3-D! It was totally wild, and she captured some beautiful portraits of our little one!

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