Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lost Teeth & the Tooth Fairy

{The first of a few catch-up posts...}

Backing up several months, to the weekend before we moved... when Drew lost his first tooth.

You know, it seems so unfair.  The poor kid works so, so hard for these teeth to work their way in. 

{Drew at 8 months. His first two teeth are peeking through his smile.  Squint, and you'll see them. :)  
Can we just pause and take a moment to soak up this sweet adorableness?!?!  Seriously.  Simply delicious.}

He, and we, endure slobber and discomfort and tears just for those babies to come in...only to have them fall out?!?!  Then - then - to be replaced with oversized, ragged, unattractive grown-up teeth in such a small mouth.  So unfair.

Anyway, Drew's first loose tooth took a bit to come out, like all first teeth do, I suppose.  It wasn't like he was going to reach in there and yank it out (hello, we're talking about Drew here) nor was he going to let us do it.  And I didn't think I'd be that kind of mom; that I'd have the stomach to do such a thing, but let me tell ya, when that tooth was just dangling there, I would've liked nothing more than to reach in and snatch that baby.  Kinda like picking at a scab.  Disturbingly irresistible.  And gross.  I know.

So there it hung, and we waited.  The Sunday before we moved (July 22), his tooth was finally loose enough that I just knew that it would fall out with the next meal he ate.  So at lunch I warned him to be careful as he ate and as soon as he felt the tooth come out to let me know so he wouldn't swallow it.

Yeah, sure mom. 

Well, wouldn't you know it.  When I sat down beside him with my plate, he turned to say something, and there was a big, gaping hole staring at me.

I said, "Bubba!  Your tooth!  It's gone!"

And on his face came this mixed expression of surprise and disbelief.

Because he didn't have it.  Where did it go?

Down his throat with that peanut butter and jelly sandwich he was eating.

Thankfully, he wasn't at all disappointed about it.  Phew!  Cuz there's no way to get that baby back.

In all of our preparation in packing to move, I didn't get a chance to make these tooth fairy bags I had been wanting to make.  So because we didn't have the tooth, or a cute bag to put it in, we wrote the Tooth Fairy a note, placed it in a sealed plastic bag, and put it under Drew's pillow.

Thankfully, our fairy doesn't require actual physical proof of said lost tooth.  She'll take a kid's word for it.  In the morning, the note was gone and replaced with a one dollar bill.

Much to Drew's chagrin.

Uh huh.  You heard that right.

Kid's got high standards.  He had heard a rumor that the fairy brings two dollars for lost teeth.  So when he found his measly little one dollar bill, he very begrudgingly stated, "It's just a dollar."

Just a dollar??  Just a dollar?!?!?!  Next time it'll be 25 cents, kiddo!  Welcome to my childhood!

His second tooth came out the first part of September.  I was prepared this time, and had gotten the tooth fairy bags made.

And that's two bags, because Reed needed one too for his "loose tooth."  A molar, no less. :)

And the fairy delivered another one dollar bill.  Drew was less disappointed this time, perhaps because he was told that by the time he lost all of his teeth, he'd have 20 bucks.  Not too shabby.

Although, maybe I should be a bit less surprised with his disappointment over lack of monetary reimbursement and more concerned with his casualness towards a supposed fairy that sneaks into his room at night.  Hmmm.....

I guess this new smile is pretty charming, as well.  

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