Tuesday, October 16, 2012

School Notes

School is going really, really well for Drew.  Who would've thunk after that first week, huh?

But it's all good.

No more arguments in the morning about "do I have to go to school?  I don't want to!"

No more tears at drop off.  Or at lunch.

No more heart-ache for Mama as I've adjusted to facing my days without my big guy here with me.

Nope, none of that.

Just a whole lotta fun, learning, friends, and excitement happening there!

Drew has made oodles of friends, and talks about them a lot.  What so-and-so said or what so-and-so did or didn't do.  Who he got to sit by at lunch and play with on the playground.  His very "best friend" is Cole...and to be honest, I was a little leery if he would be a good friend for Drew.  When I asked if Cole was a good friend to him, Drew said, "Yes, but..." and Drew has repeated a few choice phrases of Cole's that we don't care for.  However, I have heard nothing negative lately.  And I'm trying to shake it off as these boys are five.  I can't shelter Drew forever.  We'll get over any kind of not-so-nice stuff.

On the other hand, we did have an incident of Drew falling prey to someone else's pushing hands.  Apparently for quite a few days in a row, Drew was being pushed down while at recess.  He explained to me what had been happening (it came up rather casually in conversation) - a boy in his class was pushing him down, hard, on the playground and then running away.  This same boy was also telling Drew that he couldn't be friends with Cole.  In truth, that probably hurt Drew's feelings more than being pushed hurt him physically.  After gathering all the details, and finding that Drew hadn't asked for help from any of his teachers, I asked him if he wanted me to talk with his teacher about it.  After thinking about it for a few seconds, he said, "Yeah."  {But OOOHHHHHH let me tell ya...Mama Bear came out for a while there and boy oh boy did I want to tell Drew he needed to just give that boy a hearty push back.  Rest assured, I spoke nothing of that to Drew or his teacher!} I did talk with his teacher, though, and she assured me that Drew could and should speak to her if and when he is pushed again.  I am happy to report, however, that all pushing has ceased.

The social aspect of school?  Not a big fan right now.  :)

Every day we ask Drew what was the best part of his day, and the worst.  The best usually revolves around something he got to do with Cole :P ... the worst?  "Nothing!"

I have signed up to be a volunteer parent in Drew's classroom and am there for just over an hour on Tuesday afternoons to help with either Centers or Workstations.  It really is a blast for me to interact with Drew's teachers and his classmates.  But I tell ya, my eyes have been opened to an even greater appreciation for teachers!  My hat is off to each and every one of you!  YEOWZA!  And Drew loves, loves, loves that I come.  Every Tuesday, I am the best thing about his day.  And tonight he whispered to me, "Mama, thanks for coming to school.  I like it when you're there."

*my heart sings*

Two weeks ago, Drew started bringing home beginner reader books.  He is to read them to us three times before it is returned to school and he brings home a different one.  How fun to hear him read!  Coolest thing ever!

I love school!  And I'm pretty sure Drew does too.  :)

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