Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Joke's on Me

Monday morning we woke up to this...

I'm not even sure how much snow it was.  Three, four inches.  Hard to say, and truly, I don't pay too much attention.  Enough to fire up our "new" snowblower before 8am to clear the driveway.

It was a pretty normal morning.

Usually Drew wakes up on his own, but on occasion, I have to wake him.  Monday was one of those rare mornings, so I woke him up about 7:30.

He's usually pretty slow to start, and if I do have to wake him up, he laments that I let him sleep too late as there isn't any time to watch a TV show.

Monday was one of those mornings.


He was really dragging and pouty about no TV time, and I needed him to decide what he wanted for breakfast so that we could get him dressed and ready before we needed to head out for school.

He doesn't yet quite understand that if he'd get his poop in a group in the morning, get done what he needs to get done, he probably would have a few spare minutes to watch a bit of TV before we leave.

But alas.  He's 6.  Logic hasn't stretched that far.


A typical morning, it was, with the usual moans and groans of a slow moving child.

Out the door by 8:25 to head to school.

When I pull around the corner by the school, I see a grand total of two cars in the parking lot, and no one in sight.  No kids.  No parents.  No teachers.

Are you kidding me?!?

Apparently the kind of snow we received the night before warranted a snow day.  The thought of this never even cross my mind!  Where I come from, you have to be darn near trapped inside your home because the snow is covering the front door in order to have a snow day!

Needless to say, I felt quite silly.

And he...

 ...was quite thrilled.

{Later in the day he said to me, "This is what you do when I'm at school?"
"Sure is!" as I do laundry, pick up, make some phone calls, cook dinner, etc...

I don't think he was quite as thrilled anymore.}



  1. Ha, ha! This is great!! Not that you had to get Drew up and to school for no reason but that your perspective is so different being a former Minnesotan! :) Yay for an unexpected snow day! I bet Reed was happy to have a playmate!

  2. Does the school have an alert system? Where we used to live we got a robo-call when school was canceled. Here I get an email alert.