Sunday, June 9, 2013

Baby 411

Now that the cat's out of the bag, here's the important information that you may be curious about.

I am currently one day shy of 16 weeks (I was 12 1/2 weeks when we made the big announcement), making my due date November 25.  Brad and I got a sneak peek of our little lima bean around seven weeks, and things looked as they should.  There really isn't much to see that early (not many human-like features are developed yet) but the goal was to see and hear that little baby heartbeat.  And we did.  {I never tire of that.} 

Our technician clicked over into 3-D (which is always cool) to take a closer look at a few things (with me, not the baby) so we got a bit of a more detailed look at our little blob.

 Which is exactly what the baby looks like at this stage.  Just really really unattractive, and there isn't much baby-ish about it.  But we did see a few features as they were developing, which was pretty cool.  In the above picture, the two vertical, white lines are the bones that will fuse together to become the spine.  We also saw the nubbins of what will be arms and legs.  So cool to get a sneak peek into the creation of an actual human being. 

We decided to wait to tell anyone until past the first trimester for a couple of reasons, one of which is because we wanted the boys to be the first to know and we knew that wouldn't be able to keep their mouths shut!

And we were right.  After having my second appointment at 12 weeks, and hearing that little baby heartbeat again, we told the boys that evening.  Followed quickly by telling the grandparents the good news.  When we tucked in the boys that night, I asked them who they were going to tell first, and Drew said, "Everybody!"  He wasn't lying.  His teachers and several of his classmates knew by lunch the next day!

To be sure, waiting this long for Baby #3 wasn't exactly the plan (and yes I realize how silly that sounds...not much goes to plan when one is growing a family).  But due to circumstances both within our control and some beyond our control, it happened now instead of two years ago.  Before having any kids, I had thought that keeping our children within the two year mark of each other would be "ideal."  But I gotta say...having Drew and Reed both older than what I had previously thought I wanted, has been so incredibly cool.  For starters, they're both old enough to get it.  Drew was not quite 18 months when I was first pregnant with Reed, so the kid had no stinkin' idea what was about to happen to his world.  Now that he is six, and Reed four, they can talk and think and ask questions and share about what all of this means.  And practically speaking, it's gonna be pretty darn nice to have two older kids who are independent in so many ways when Baby arrives! 

I am certain that Reed was meant to be a big brother.  There are certain ways in which he is a leader, even over Drew, but more than that, he has always doted on babies.  When cousin Addy was a baby, oh boy, that Reed couldn't get enough of her.  He loved on her and hugged her and wanted to be near her.  I don't think he will so much mourn over losing his status as the youngest because he will be totally enamored with his newest baby sibling.  He has always showed me oodles of affection, but since learning about the baby, he gives my tummy hugs and kisses and makes it clear that "this is for the baby."  And I will often hear him whisper, "I love you, Baby" after doing so.

While Drew hasn't expressed the emotional affection that Reed has, he is very inquisitive and interested in the mechanics of it all.  By that I mean that he wants to know how big the baby is, how the baby eats (and poops), and we've even had a very mellow, and short, conversation about how the baby gets out.  Soon, I am sure, we'll have the "how'd the baby get in there?" question.  The answer: "God put the baby there!" :)  We haven't really seen Drew express much interest in oogling over babies the way that Reed has, but this past week we spent a brief amount of time with some friends of ours who have a six month old boy.  Drew sat down beside him, entertained him with his rattles, kept him safe by catching him when he tumbled over, and let the baby grab at and explore his face.  He was so patient and gentle and kind.  He will prove himself, once again, to be an awesome big brother.

I am feeling well.  After spending much of April sleeping (which was what I really wanted to say in that April post!), I am coming out of the fog.  Thankfully, my body handles pregnancy fairly well.  A little nausea but no sickness, and some food aversions (which isn't so bad).  This time around, I'm just tired.  So stinkin' tired.  I feel better now, and find myself with actual motivation and energy to perform my daily tasks (the laundry has been touch and go lately!).  I don't remember having been this tired when I was pregnant with the boys, although I have to remind myself I didn't have two children then.  And I was a bit younger!

I go back to the doctor July 2 for the "big" ultrasound.  And for those of you that know us, you know we don't find out the baby's gender.  I won't say I've never been tempted, but there is something unexplainably wonderful about hearing it proclaimed the moment the baby is born.  Both boys are hoping for another boy (of course).  {I've been trying to tell the boys that little sisters aren't all bad - just ask Uncle Jeremy and Uncle Justin. :) }  Many assume that I hope it's a girl.  And I'd be lying if I said no.  But here's where I'm currently sitting: I have all expectations that it will be a boy.  I am two for two, after all.  And if it is, it will be absolutely perfect.  And if it's a girl, it will be the surprise of a lifetime.  And it will be absolutely perfect.

Either way, I think we're gonna make a pretty incredible family of five.

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