Friday, June 21, 2013

The Summer List, 2013 Edition

Drew has been so sure to remind me that, even though school has been out for just over a week, it isn't summer yet.  It's still spring.  {He's so literal like that.  And, well, annoying.}  :)  So as this is the first official day of the summer season,

and we're sporting our freshly trimmed summer 'dos,

let's jump right into our Summer List!

{I really wanted the boys to help this go around, and actively give ideas for what they wanted to do this summer.  Drew threw out a few ideas, and Reed heartily agreed with what he suggested.  Much of the rest of the list are items we've done for many years, as well as some unique things to see here in Midland.}

* backyard swimming

* crafts

* bake new treats

* go on vacation

* go to Grammy & Papa's and Grandma & Grandpa's

* library's summer reading program

* baseball game (hopefully we can take in a Tigers game when they are playing the Twins, but if that doesn't work out, we have the Great Lakes Loons here in town)

* attend the Midland County Fair

* participate in local & church activities (a wide variety, some already on the calendar, others we'll find and attend on a whim)

* go on picnics

* Dow Gardens & Whiting Forest

* bike rides

* write letters & color pictures & send to distant relatives

* go to the Lego Exhibit at the Midland Center for the Arts

* scavenger hunt

* build forts

* enjoy the outdoors

* splash parks

* go to movies (specifically, Monsters University and Disney's Planes)... would also love to find either a drive-in or outdoor movie somewhere

Time got away from me a little bit, and while I really wanted to be able to be more specific with projects and ideas and fun things to do, I was also really looking for some space to relax as well as to be spontaneous.  While it has never been my goal to cross everything off the list (as evidenced by last summer!), I love using it as a springboard for days when we're bored or punchy or need something new to freshen our moods.

Here's to Summer 2013!

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