Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First Kiss...

...not including mom, dad, or any other relative!

WHO: Drew and Annika (she made the first move!)

WHAT: a kiss on the lips, and a hug to boot!

WHEN: tonight, around 7pm

WHERE: the park, during Dad's softball game

WHY: apparently Annika took me seriously when I told her she and Drew should hook up!

It was so cute! Annika, about 20 months old and one of the cutest little girls I've ever seen, walked right up to Drew and laid a big one on him! She is the granddaughter of some church members, so she and Drew "know" each other. She came up to Drew with her lips puckered, placed her hand on his shoulder, and smooched him right on the lips! It was followed by a little side hug, as if to say "love you." I only wish I would have had my camera with me! I'll be sure to bring it with me from now on!


  1. Grace is really, really jealous now! Another girl is moving in on her man.

  2. You are to young Drew. Save those kisses for grandma. LOVE YOU