Saturday, April 4, 2009

Meet Cubby

One of Drew's gifts at Christmas was a gift certificate to the Build-a-Bear Workshop at the mall. On Thursday, the four of us ran some errands up in Peoria and so we thought it would be a good time for Drew to spend his money at that store. It was awesome! I'd been there before with a friend and her daughter, but didn't really pay attention to the whole process of building your own bear. It's really a cool thing, and Drew had so much fun picking his bear, stuffing him, giving him a heart, bathing him, combing his fur, dressing him, and giving him a name. You can probably figure out why Drew chose the name "Cubby."

I highly recommend Build-a-Bear for any and all kids who haven't visited the store yet. You can get a bear for as little as $10, which I thought was pretty reasonable for the quality of product you get, nevermind all the fun you have while watching your little ones bring their new friends to life!

Truth be told... I want it to be known that Brad was the one that spoiled Drew. The gift certificate covered the cost of the bear, but any clothes and accessories are extra, and really rather expensive. So my plan was to just get the bear. Brad starts perusing the clothing rack and says "Were not getting any clothes, are we?" and I say "No, they're too expensive." Brad then says "How expensive is too expensive?" and I say "Why, what'd you find?" Brad picked out the shirt, and wanted Drew to have it. Then, at Target, Brad picks out a $1.99 pack of baseball cards for Drew to have. So for the record, I'm not the only one that splurges!! :)

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  1. I knew he was a closet spoiler! Love the bear and I have always wanted to do one with Grace maybe for her birthday next year we will.