Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mickey's in the House!

Dad spoiled Drew last week; yesterday it was Mom's turn!

While shopping at Kohl's yesterday (with a 30% off coupon...LOVE IT!), we were in the children's clothing department (of course) when I stopped the cart to look at something. All the sudden, Drew exclaims "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! That's mine!!" I just happened to have stopped the cart right by the pajamas that had Mickey's face emblazoned across the shirt. Drew, apparently, thought he needed them. Fact is, we were looking for clothes for Drew for this summer, and he does need jammies, so it wasn't a totally unnecessary purchase! Drew picked out which pair he wanted, and proceeded to remove them from the hanger, wad them up in a ball, and hold onto them tightly as we continued to shop. After we had checked out, Drew refused to put his coat on. After some strong words by mom, and some whiny words by Drew, he finally calmed down and said "Drew wear Mickey." I said fine, put the pajama top on (tags and all), and Drew then willingly put on his coat. Once we got home, he had to put the pants on too, and he's had them on ever since. Tonight's bath night, so I'm hoping I'll be able to successfully remove the Mickey PJ's and put him in something clean. We'll see. This kid's got an iron will!


  1. Thats Great! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is how I got Grace out of bed this morning unfortunately by the time she made it to the living room the show was done. Isnt it great how kids at this age can start dictating what they want to wear, Grace can be very particular about which pajamas she wears or what clothes etc.

  2. I like those new pajamas, Drew, and also your new bear.
    Can't wait to see you again.