Sunday, July 26, 2009


How is it that Drew has gone from this little baby....

(okay, so he was never really that "little")

to this little man??

(and yes, mom did style his hair just like daddy's)

Today is Drew's official half birthday. No, no big celebration with cake and presents, but we did say "Woohoo, Drew! Happy 1/2 Birthday! Hooray!" I figured that was good enough.

Some milestones:
*Sings the ABCs (although L to P can be a bit of a blur)
*Knows most colors
*Talks like nobody's business (he can even say words like "procrastinate" and "catastrophe")
*Understands things in relationship to each other, like over/under, beside, both, etc.

Some Drewisms:
*The other day Drew told me I couldn't have "chocolate" (his word for pudding) because "you're too big, mom."
*I often take Reed upstairs to his room for his naps so he's not so disturbed by the noise Drew makes when he's playing. The other day I told Drew I needed to take Reed upstairs to sleep and Drew said "so we can talk."
*A conversation with Luci: "Luci, you want a cookie? Yes or no? Yes? OK."
*Much like mom, Drew tells dad to "be careful" when he leaves for work.
*I often tell Drew to finish chewing before he takes another bite of food. So Drew turns the table on me and tells me to "finish what's in your mouth, mom."
*Drew was looking at some pictures of me when I was pregnant with him, and I asked him who was in mommy's tummy. "I don't know," said Drew. I said, "That's you in mommy's tummy." "No," said Drew, "it's a bouncy ball."
*"Drew, are you a boy or a girl?" Drew says, "I'm a chubby bunny!"

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