Thursday, July 9, 2009


tad⋅pole [tad-pohl]
1. (n.)
the aquatic larva or immature form of frogs and toads, esp. after the development of the internal gills and before the appearance of the forelimbs and the resorption of the tail.
2. (n.) beginning swimming lessons for children aged six months to two years at Dragonland Pool (see picture below)

For the past two weeks, Drew and I have been "tadpoling it" at swimming lessons. This was our second summer of lessons, and we had a great time! Not only is Drew becoming more comfortable in the water (he gets so excited before we leave the house I can barely get his sunscreen on before he runs out the door!), it also gives us a little time to be together, just the two of us. Although being in a swimsuit in public is my least favorite thing to do, this is something that I wanted to do with Drew, and will with Reed too, so they enjoy being outdoors and learn basic water safety skills. Heck, they may even learn how to swim! Next year Drew will be eligible to advance to the Pollywog group, where he will swim without me. Until then, my little tadpole and I will enjoy swimming together in our backyard "pond" (also known as the $5 pool from Walmart!).

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