Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eight Months Old

Really? Really?!?

I know I say that every month, but wow. Really, how does time fly by so fast? Although apparently not fast enough...someone asked Brad today how old Reed is, and it took him awhile to answer because he thought "Doesn't he have to be 10/12 months old by now?!"

It's been a long eight month journey with our little big Monkey, but when memories of his "birth"day are still so fresh and real, it seems like it's gone by in a flash.

Milestones this month:

Pushes himself up from laying on his belly to sitting on his bum
First Halloween
Daddy's first night alone with both boys

So big!

Drew went through a short phase where he had to sleep with every stuffed creature in his room. He only has a toddler bed, mind you, and at one point, he had Teddy, Pooh, Cubby, Bert, Ernie, Bob, Larry...and Luci.

At the Des Moines Race for the Cure, with Great Aunt B, Papa, and Grammy.

You'll notice Reed snug as a bug in the back of the stroller. I kept wondering when it was my turn in the stroller!

Bonding with Handy Manny.


What happens when the Tickle Monster goes a little crazy, and grows extra appendages!

Reading to Dad.

"That meal was so good I spewed it out, all over myself!" (That's pretty much our every day!)

Yep. That tired.

Eat your heart out!

Tumbling tot.
(Me: "Please don't break your neck, please don't break your neck...")

Yep, I know. Pretty dang cute.

Waiting for Daddy to come home for lunch.

Another one of those things I thought Drew would l-o-v-e. Um, not so much. Not like I thought, anyway. No running through the leaves. No jumping in the leaves. Just kicking the leaves. Ho hum.

Enjoying what will probably be the last nice day of the year.

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