Friday, November 20, 2009

San Francisco

Oh, vacation. How I love vacation!

Brad and I returned this past Wednesday from a long weekend away in the great city of San Francisco. For whatever reason, I had always wanted to visit the city by the bay. Cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, Rice-a-Roni...really, what could be better?? And Brad was thoughtful enough to give me this vacation for my 30th birthday (although I quickly realized that by giving me a vacation, he was also giving himself one!). It was really great to get away for awhile, have some time to ourselves, and relax. I guess it goes to show that sleep was on the itinerary as I was snuggled in bed by 8:00 every night! The weather was beautiful (sunny and low 60's the entire time we were there) and the sight-seeing was great.

And I did learn three very important things while we were away:
1) My belief has been reaffirmed that I belong in the Midwest.
2) Public transportation is not for the weak.
3) It is possible to miss my boys more than I could have imagined. They divided their time between their grandparents, and I hope to post pictures of their adventures some time soon, as well.

I've posted A LOT of photos, so if you're interested in seeing what we saw, take a peek.

One view of the bay from Pier 39.

A couple of Nemos flitting about at the Aquarium by the Bay.

Pier 39 (lots of shopping, eating, and fun).

Greg Frisbee performing on the Pier (if you can't tell, he's swallowing fire).

Pier 39's famous sea lions.

A military ship from World War II.

There was this incredibly cool arcade, full of antique games that used to be on the Pier. Brad ended up winning this match.

Our hotel was one block away from The Embarcadero, which is the street that lines the Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39, and all things tourist-y.

Diver Dave educating us about coral reef at the California Academy of Sciences.

The Exploratorium was like a giant exhibit of science fair projects. Brad and I as seen through a heat lens camera.

The infinity mirror.

The Palace of Fine Arts (which houses the Exploratorium).

Me and a column.

Another view of the Palace of Fine Arts.

Brad on a cable car!

Me on a cable car!

At the Yerba Buena Gardens.

We met up with a friend of Brad's at the Raiders/Chiefs football game on Sunday. It was a pretty good game, considering the teams that were playing...

...and I definitely cheered for the Raiders. Their fans are scary. I didn't want to know what they'd do to me if I cheered for the Chiefs!

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