Friday, November 6, 2009


I am far from being the perfect mom. I've never claimed it to be so, and I think both the boys and Brad would agree with me. But there is something so very frustrating about being unable to accomplish something during the day only to have my husband come home, and upon shedding his tie and donning his Superdad cape, he's able to do what I was unable to do all day long.

For me, most usually the thing I'm unable to do is tame Reed. And by "tame" I mean put to sleep. He's a very sensitive kid (my, who are earth did he inherit that from???) and is apparently very particular about the who's and how's of falling asleep. It's one of those things I have to time absolutely perfectly in order for everything to fall into place without incident. Typically, however, my stress, frustration, and fatigue all get the best of me and I am unable to accomplish this seemingly simple task without some kind of kicking, screaming and crying (for both Reed and for me!).

In sweeps Superdad, who is able to grab Reed out of my hands, and in nothing short of two minutes, able to put him into a peaceful slumber.

Thankful? I suppose.

A bit peeved? Yup.

It's kind of like loosening the lid on the pickle jar before handing it over for someone else to open.

Let me illustrate....

Exhibit A: In the morning, if Drew isn't up when I'm finished feeding Reed, I'll bring him into bed with Brad while I get ready for the day. Usually this is what occurs: Reed plays with some toys, then thinks, "My, I'm quite tired," wherein he simply lays his weary head down on Brad's shoulder.

Exhibit B: I have no idea what happened here. I was upstairs tucking in Drew and came back down to find this. NOTE: Exhibit A and Exhibit B occurred on the same day!

Exhibit C: This is the normal. I'll be cooking dinner, or doing something with Drew, or some other motherly task, and Brad will sit with Reed. When I come back into the room, this is how I find them.

No effort. No struggle. No kicking, screaming, scratching or biting.


Reed is certainly a Daddy's boy. And I'm really OK with that. Really. But is it too much to ask for Reed to like me just a little bit? :)


  1. Is that really Reed? When's the last time I saw bruiser #2? He's a big big boy now!

  2. Oh Lesley, I'm sure Reed loves you a WHOLE lot. He just feels he can take his frustrations out on you easier than Brad.