Saturday, December 5, 2009

Giving Thanks

This post is long overdue, primarily because I've gotten really bad about taking photos and therefore, once again, have to rely on the grandmas to send me their pictures.

To celebrate this Thanksgiving holiday, we made the rounds to Pella, Des Moines and Mankato, to see and spend time with our families. (I kind of cringe with the idea that one day I'll have to cook a turkey...might want to have Pizza Hut on speed dial that day!) We left mid-morning on Wednesday and headed to Pella to spend the remainder of the day with Brad's parents. We went to their Thanksgiving Eve church service, and we were lucky enough to see Great-Grandma Vander Waal as well as some of Brad's extended family. Thursday morning we trekked over to Des Moines where we had a delicious and very filling Thanksgiving lunch with the family. We ate, played games, and once the tryptophan kicked in, some of us were able to snooze for a bit (although somehow that turkey sleep-agent has the opposite affect on toddlers...).

Playing with Daddy's old cars.

I'm sorry to say they don't quite have the speed of Lightening McQueen.

At the kid's table (I think Drew brings down the average age quite a bit).

The big kid table. :)

Playing puzzles with Aunt Sheryl.

Reed and Matt (the youngest and oldest Vander Waal grandkids).

Later that evening, we traveled up to Minnesota, arriving around 10pm. By the time the boys were both tucked in bed, I could have showered and gotten out the door for some Black Friday shopping bargains. I was able to sneak in a few hours of sleep before my mom and I ventured out in the wee hours of the morning and found a few things. (Side note: I was very disappointed in Walmart. Very disappointed. Later that day I decided my sleep was too precious to me, and next year, I'll stick with cyber-shopping.) Anyway, Friday was a very enjoyable day, spent with my family, and then on Saturday, my mom's extended family gathered together for Round 2 of turkey with all the trimmings.

A rare sharing moment.

He knows there's food coming.

Playing Candyland with his new friend, Perry.

Drew and Avery.

Watching Cars on Uncle Jeremy's computer.

At the kid's table with Avery and Perry (notice Drew is the only one who won't smile for me. Figures.)

And so, we are thankful. For each other, for our families, our health, our home, our God.

Beyond that, Drew is very thankful for Teddy, Reed is thankful for food, Brad is thankful for DVD players in the van, and I am thankful for pacifiers. :)

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