Thursday, December 3, 2009

When the Cat's Away...

...the mice certainly will play!

I've collected photos from the respective grandmas from the time the boys spent with their grandparents while we were away on vacation. The boys spent half their time in Des Moines with Grandma and Grandpa VW, and several of their cousins. Grammy and Papa then picked the boys up on Sunday to bring them back to our house.

I can't comment too much on these photos since I wasn't there :) but I think you can see that the boys (and the grandparents) had fun FUN FUN!

Reed with Elise.

Lauren and Drew.

Drew apparently learned some new games, including Battleship. You can tell he prefers his own rules!

I'm just so glad that Reed has a smile on his face!

I swear that kid will eat anything!

Drew and Alison.

Lewis and Drew.

Playing basketball with Lewis and Alison.

Reed looks comfy...I can't say the same for Lew!

Alison and Reed.

Lauren, Drew (check out that smile!) and Alison.

Grandma and Reed.

How many people does it take to give two boys baths???
How many legs can you fit in one tub???

Back home with Grammy and Papa. Papa and Drew doing puzzles.

Sick eyes! Reed ending up catching some kind of virus during the weekend. Many thanks to Grandma and Grammy for struggling through some sleepless nights!

Apparently something was very exciting.

Poor baby Reed with Papa.

More puzzles!

I figured those grandparents would spoil with sweets...and they didn't save any for me!

Bet you can't look at this picture and not chuckle.

Somehow, and I'm not sure how exactly, Handy Manny's tools help Drew with his puzzles.

"Mmm...Elmo. Good!" (Told you he'd eat anything!)

Because in Drew's world, everything is green.

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