Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pajama Day

Sometimes, a pajama day is in order.

It might be because it's cold and snowy, and all you want to do it curl up with a blankie and the Disney channel. Other times it might be because mom is too lazy to deal with clothes.

Today, pajama day was instituted because when two boys are sick, it's downright necessary.

Reed - It seems as though as soon as he gets over one ailment, another kicks in. I mentioned in the previous post that Reed came down with some virus while we were gone on vacation, and as I was worried it might be croup, I took him in to see his pedicatrician when we returned home. Croup it was not, but instead, his voice box was inflamed (otherwise known as laryngitis). This, along with his runny nose and cough, made him a bundle of fun (insert sarcasm here). All of that cleared up in time for our Thanksgiving travels, but have kicked back into high gear now that we are back home. With the medicine cabinet in full force, he seems to be coping.

Drew - He is my healthy boy. He's hardly ever sick. I think Reed's been to the doctor more in (almost) nine months than Drew has in (almost) three years. So when Drew doesn't feel good, it's pretty obvious. Long story short, he ended up with a fever last night of 101.8, and sat still from the time he woke from his afternoon nap until it was time for bed (a sure sign of sickness!). He relaxed with Brad on the couch and watched Pixar's Short Films feature on ABC Family, then snuggled into bed. When I went to check on him, he and his pillow were drenched in sweat. This morning, his temperature broke, but he still laid low with all of his Disney pals. He perked up after his nap this afternoon (as you can see) and seems to be back to normal.

Here's hoping both boys are on the mend.

And here's to pajama days!

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