Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Indian Winter?

Or would it be more like Indian Spring?

Seriously, our weather lately.  It teases and fools and makes you believe that spring is just around the corner.

Don't be fooled!  It's still only January, people.  And we live in Minnesota.  Spring is far, far away.

But with our temperatures peaking at 54 degrees today, the three boys, Luci and I trotted outside to take a stroll around the block.  With spring jackets and boots, we hunted for any last snow cover we could find, but found many more melted ice puddles instead.  

And such has been the weather since mid-December.  Mild, with an occasional cool or windy day, but far more often breaking record highs than recording any kind of measurable snowfall.

I gotta say...surprisingly...I kinda like it.  At Christmas time, you would've heard me saying, "I didn't move to Minnesota for a brown Christmas!"  There's just something about a white Christmas that I love.  {And we did get a beautiful snowfall on New Year's Eve eve - *huge*, wet, beautiful snowflakes falling like wildfire from the night sky.}  But once Christmas passed, and the holiday season ended, it became refreshing.  Despite the brown grass and the mud-covered paws Luci brings in from outside, the warmish temps and sunshine have been awesome.

I conscientiously have to remind myself that it isn't March.  Or rather, here in Minnesota, May. :)  Old man winter has me fooled.  {But he apparently hasn't fooled the local meteorologist...he has snow showers in the forecast for tomorrow, with a high of 14 for Thursday!  I might need those cuddleduds after all!}

Over the weekend, I happened to finally upload some photos off of my mom's camera, and was surprised to find some photos from the beginning of December that I had forgotten about.  That was the last time we got any kind of substantial snowfall.  My brother and sister-in-law have a slight slope in their backyard, perfect for small guy sledding, and after school on December 5, Jeremy and Avery invited us over for a little winter fun.

See that sled mark that goes the farthest???  I might be out of practice, but I'm still good. :)

I do like winter.  For a time.  Both Drew and Reed received Snow Dashers for Christmas, and we'd love to use them before the season is through.  Once or twice would be fine.  Then let's grow some tulips, k?


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