Sunday, January 15, 2012

Project Life {Week 2}

 {We are reading The Beginner's Bible Kid-Sized Devotionals this year with the boys, and I'd like to do some kind of art project weekly/whenever it seems appropriate for what the boys are learning.  For this project, the boys painted the world onto a large piece of kraft paper, and then cut pictures from magazines of the things that God created.  Along with water and animals and trees, did you know that God also created multi-colored t-shirts???} :)
 {Overheard: Drew had asked Papa to play his Tractor Game with him.  Keeping in mind that Drew doesn't know how to play the game "by the rules," we heard Drew try to explain to Papa how to play.  Papa, of course, is quite confused, not catching on that there are no real rules when you play Drew's way, and after taking Papa a while to realize that getting any rational and cohesive rule play explanation  from Drew isn't going to happen, he exclaims, "This is silly!"  But then, he does what Grandpa's do best: just goes with it!}

 {5:00 game play on the computer}

 {Drew and I were invited over to Avery's house for a "Tupperware Party."  After having gone to a couple parties in the last month, Avery wanted to mimic the party action and host his own.  It was quite comedic!}

{All the kids went in together to get my mom a Kindle for Christmas, and as a part of her gift, I wanted to make her a cover for it.  I got my craft on this week and whipped this together last Sunday.  I raided my mom's scrap fabric stash and *fun fact* this floral fabric was once a maternity top for my mom.}

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