Thursday, July 5, 2012

Celebrating the 4th {when it's too hot outside}

When it's hotter than blazes outside, there isn't much desire, by anyone, to venture out and do anything...even on the Fourth of July.  At 100 degrees, I just wasn't in the mood.  So we didn't go to the parade and instead spent the day packing boxes in the basement. :)  

But we all wore red.  And had a bomb pop.  Or two.  

Much to Brad's dismay, I couldn't not take the boys to see the fireworks.  On the recommendation of my brother, we drove into the parking lot of a local business that ended up having the perfect view of the sky.  We arrived about 15 minutes before the show began, popped open the back of the van,

  cracked a few glow sticks, and waited for the show to begin.

It wasn't the best ambiance for a fireworks show {paved parking lot, building, street lights, etc} but for the 20 minute show, it sufficed.  We beat the traffic and the crowds in 90 degree heat and still saw the sky show...not bad at all!

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