Saturday, July 21, 2012

About to Set Sail

 The moving truck came on Thursday.

 It started like this...

...and ended today like this.

Everything is in except a few odds and ends.
The driver will come mid-day Monday to pick it up and take it to Michigan.
The boys and I are camping out on air mattresses for the next couple nights.
My mom is doing a major attack on the laundry (YAY for moms!).

We celebrated this princess's 2nd birthday this afternoon...

and we'll say our good-byes to my brothers and their families tomorrow (*tear*) before we head out bright and early Monday morning.

My presence will be light on the blog for the next couple weeks (what's new?) as we travel and begin to get settled in our new home.

{I don't typically post a lot of photos on Facebook, but now that I'm smart phone capable you may see a few "progress" shots appearing there.}

Stay tuned!
Ta ta for now!

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