Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer, So Far

I dare say that this year's Summer List may go down as the largest epic fail in summer history.

Just about halfway through, and we haven't done much.

Our legit excuse: we're moving!!!!...which is not only a big task, but it is, by far, the best thing that could've happened to us this summer!  Hopefully August will prove to be productive for our summer endeavors. :)  

Here's what we've accomplished so far...

 Fun Food Friday...the first and the last: strawberry smoothies.
(Fun Foods and Crafts just aren't going to happen this go 'round.)

 Play at the local parks.  At least one, anyway.

 Visit the farm at Sibley Park.

 Picnic at the park.

Make homemade ice cream.
Thanks to Papa, we've done this twice. ;)

We are also knee deep into reading our books for the library's summer reading program.
We've gone on vacation.
And we've gone on a number of bike rides.

Not to be accomplished:
swimming lessons
Twins game

Not terrible.  Not fantastic.
But I think we're all feeling the summer blues.
"Packing boxes" wasn't on the let's finish that up already and get on with the fun!

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