Sunday, September 23, 2012

Project Life, Week 38

 We received a beautiful bouquet of dahlias from a couple at church.
Isn't this one just stunning?!?!

 I've been giving the boys lessons in bed-making.  We make the bed together, and then they are responsible for putting all the pillows and bed friends on top.  This is Reed's arrangement.  Not too shabby. ;)

 Luci does enjoy her new backyard.
She does not, however, enjoy the squirrels that come with it.

 We learned quickly that Drew has to take his shoes off outside everyday after school.  The sand from three recesses adds up.  I could not believe the amount he had in his shoes one day this week.  How he can walk around in this all day, I'll never know.  I would bet that if I saved it, we could fill our own sandbox by next summer.

 It's beginning to look, and feel, like fall around here!  Temps were in the 60s all week long, which called for flannel pjs.  Oh are they ever comfy.

Tigger, Jingle and Reed thought it was pretty chilly, too.

The good news: I didn't fall off. 
The better news: The kitchen is painted.
The bad news: I don't think I like it.  Urgh.

Jet's Pizza was recommended to us as the best in town.
We tried it out this week.
The best?  We concur!

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