Sunday, September 16, 2012

Project Life, Weeks 36 & 37

Here's a look at the last couple weeks around our place...

My parents came for a visit, and Dad brought along with him all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to start getting our new house into tip-top shape.  Starting out relatively new in the home-ownership arena, and never before having a real reason to own tools, having Dad come for both his knowledge and equipment was immensely helpful!  We had a "short" list of things we wanted him to look at, as well as a few other things we needed to learn how to do ourselves, and Dad with both willing and patient as we tackled quite a few tasks around here.

On the top of the list was installing board and batten in our kitchen.  It took all day Monday (Labor Day) to accomplish the task (which included spending the morning at Home Depot getting the wood cut, and all afternoon manning the nail gun to attach the boards to the walls).  

And because our tool inventory is incomplete, we had to use a little ingenuity when it came to creating sawhorses. :)

Week 36 was also Drew's first day, and week, of school.  I'll be including a few pictures from this post in our album.

 My mom spent her days with Reed while she was here and while Drew was at school.  Come Thursday (when my parents left and it was just him and me), he was a little beside himself on what to do.  He asked a lot about when Drew was coming home, but otherwise quietly preoccupied himself.

 Loving that this rug finally went on clearance at Target!  I've been eyeing it for the boys' room for quite a while (as it's the exact color scheme I'm going for in there) and was thrilled when I found it this week for half-price.  Yay bargains!

Saturday was an awesome day.  I think the boys played together, nicely!,  I think they've really missed their days together!  They made quite the mess in the basement...but they really were having a most awesome time together.

Saturday lunch.
I love this photo.
And, yes, it was a pajama day. :)

I found I took nary a photo this past week.  Drew's second week at school was much better than the first, so my emotions were a lot more stable and I was able to be much more productive!  I recently downloaded the Instagram app onto my phone, and I'm loving using it.  Many of this week's photos and stories were documented there.

 Drew came home from school Tuesday and told us that they played "The Name Game" at school and his name was first.  I'm still not totally clear on all that the class does for this game, or what the objective is, but Drew informed us that everyone drew a picture of him.  And sure enough, on Wednesday he brought home a booklet of drawings that each classmate had drawn of him.  He felt pretty darn special about all of this.

Super productive week on my end.  Monday I spent caulking.  Aw yeah, that was a blast.

Later on in the week, I spent a lot of time on my sewing machine.  These are curtains made from bedsheets for the boys' room.  I also made pillows for their room and some fabric coasters.  Loving productivity.  Loving using my hands.

Drew lost tooth #2 earlier this week.

I began a new Beth Moore Bible study with a group of women at church.  Loving getting back into one of these.  Loving being part of this group.

We're making strides in the bathroom with this guy.
Who doesn't love seeing the underwear sticking out of the pants...with the shirt tucked in, to boot!

We spent last night at the Midland County Fairgrounds taking in Balloon Fest.  I'll be including several pictures from there in our album...and a full post about it coming soon!

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