Sunday, September 2, 2012

Project Life, Week 35

This was our week...

One of the cool things that our tax dollars go to here in Midland is a monthly heavy brush and trash pick up.  Put almost anything on the curb and the city will drive by and pick it up.  This is great when pine trees need some serious pruning...

 ...or you've just moved in and have several boxes, carpet remnants, torn out bookcases, and paint cans to toss out.  We looked pretty classy around here with our curb looking like this!

Soaking up the last days of summer with a splash in the pool.
Although we soon discovered that this pool wasn't going to cut it for these two growing boys...

So by the end of the week we'd upgraded, thanks to this $12 clearance find at Target.
Bigger and way cooler. Yes!

 He wanted to sleep on the floor.  And he did.  Totally not kidding.

 My first pie!  And it was a doozy.  Black-bottom banana cream pie.  Oh it was tasty.

 We had "Meet the Teacher" night at Drew's new school on Wednesday.  We met his teacher, toured his classroom and his school, and were treated to ice cream on the lawn.  Just a few more days to go!

 The boys' current favorite computer game is the Dino game on  They both play on their own separate computers, although it's a little above Reed's playing level so he is often asking Drew for help.  And Drew is so, so kind to his little brother, promptly saying "ok!" or "sure!" and coming over to assist him.  It is really so, so sweet.

 Home Improvement Project #27: tear down the wheelchair ramp in the garage.

 And almost done!  Brad did complete this in just a couple hours Saturday morning.  And oh boy do I have projects swirling through my head for all that wood!

Drew's color-by-number art gallery.
He worked all week on the 26 letters of the alphabet...and once completed, decided he'd like to do more.  He did all of these on Saturday.

 And this was our Saturday spent potty training.
Need I explain???

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