Saturday, December 22, 2012

Back to the Pole

Before bed last night, we gave Bingo a note to pass along to Santa, asking him if he could make special arrangements to stop by our house before Christmas Eve since we'll be out of town for the holidays.  When we awoke this morning, we found this message...

So....because Santa has granted our request, we know that when Bingo heads out tonight, he won't be returning to our home until next year.  Which is really quite a good thing: while he has *occasionally* caused improvement in the boys' behavior...he may or may not have challenged this mother on one morning - or three - to "find" him a new hiding spot before the boys found him still in the one from the day before.  Yipes!

This year he's been exploring our new home and finding himself in a handful of new situations.

Until next year, Bingo!

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