Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our Christmas

Today was awesome.

Not because the boys were able to open their Christmas gifts this morning.  Although that was pretty fun.

Not because we played all day.  Although that was pretty great.

Not because we had monkey bread for breakfast and Pizza Hut for dinner.  Although both were delicious.

Not because we were in a warm home, celebrating all of the simple pleasures of our life.  Although we were extra mindful of them today.

Not really because of any of these things.  Although they all are pretty darn great.

Today was awesome because we were all together.

And that's always a great place to be.

We hadn't told the boys before this morning that they would be opening their gifts from us, so they were plenty surprised and excited when they heard the good news. {Their gift to us, by the way, was sleeping in until 8:00.!}  They very patiently allowed me to take a few pictures of them in front of the tree, before they separated out their gifts, and then very patiently waited their turn as they allowed each other to open gifts one at a time.  They began with the gifts they picked out and purchased for each other.  I dare say Reed was more excited about his $1 gifts from Drew than he was the bigger and more expensive gifts from Mom and Dad!  As it should be, I suppose. :)

After opening gifts, and after Drew very sincerely gave us his thanks (unprompted!), we ate our traditional Christmas morning breakfast 

before spending the rest of the day enjoying our new toys, and each other.  Yes, there were squabbles.  Yes, there were tears.  No, it was not a Norman Rockwell painted Christmas day.  

It was, however, a most wonderful-kind-of-day.

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