Sunday, February 10, 2013

We Went Sledding

...and it was fun!

I called upon my local friends to give me the 411 on sledding hills here in town that would be appropriate for the boys, and after receiving a few recommendations, we headed out Saturday morning to Revere Park.  And it was absolutely perfect for us because 1) the hill was fun enough for the boys to sled down while not too difficult for them to climb back up (on their own), and 2) it wasn't busy.  One other kid there all morning.  Perfect.

A few observations...
1) Sledding is just downright fun.  Might need to peruse the clearance aisles for a couple discounted tubes for Brad and I.
2) Our hill had well-made tracks from kids sledding the day before, and there was even a man-made snow-formed jump on one track.  Both boys attacked that baby with gusto.
3) So super proud of Drew, for both his courage and strength.  For anyone who knows Drew, you know he is tentative, especially around anything slightly precarious.  He was all about sledding today.  And for anyone who went sledding with Drew last winter, you know that Drew had a lot of difficulty getting himself back up the hill after going down.  He raced up that thing yesterday. 
4) Reed is an animal.  Not a new observation.  Just confirmed again today.
4) I love my hubs.  He's a pretty fantastic dad.  And an awesome sled pusher-downer. 

We sledded for about an hour and a half before heading back home to warm up and eat lunch.  I think the hill will be calling our name next weekend, too.  ;)

I love these guys.

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