Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day!

For real this time!

Not like last time, when school was canceled because of a measly 3-4 inches.

This was legit.

12 inches legit, yo.  

And I didn't make the same mistake as I did last Monday!  Although, to be fair, thinking "snow day" was a bit more logical this time around!  The snow started around 4:00 yesterday afternoon, and we were predicted to have 6-10 inches.  Near six inches had fallen by 10pm, and school was canceled before Brad and I went to bed, so it was extra awesome cuz I got to sleep in too!

Reed (and I) were up at 7:30 (yes yes yes!) and, get this, Drew slept in until 8:17!  Woot woot!  (Don't know if you picked up on that, so just in case- I'm very obnoxiously quite excited about that.  Started our day off great!)  It took Drew a bit to realize what time it was, what day it was, and what we should've been doing at that exact moment.  Then it took a second for him to realize he didn't have school because of all the snow and not because he woke up so late.  Ha!  But when he peeked out the window, he was pretty pumped.

Snow day celebration continued with cinnamon rolls for breakfast...

and playing games with Dad as he snowplowed the driveway (it was quite amusing to see the boys fly back off the couch when Brad blew snow onto the window).  :)

The morning finished with some coloring, workbooks, and lite brite...

before settling in on the floor with our lunch to view Disney Junior's showing of Cars.  You know, just in case it's any different than the DVD we've watched 800 bajillion times.

When that was all over, it was time to bundle up.  Because as an added bonus of having this much snow...the temps were reasonable AND the sun was shining! 

Not that our own yard didn't have a significant amount of snow accumulated on it to play, but when you have a ginormous park right across the street that boasts an endless amount of snow covered ground that hasn't even been touched?!?!?

Yeah, you'd go over there, too.

Stay tuned, folks.

Tomorrow we get out the sleds.

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