Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July Weekend

We had a holiday weekend that was equal parts full and relaxing.  And a whole lotta fun!

Much of the 4th was spent here at home, doing our normal thing.  I had to run to the grocery store in the morning, but the remainder of the afternoon was playing and reading and gaming.  That evening, around six, we headed to the home of some friends for a potluck dinner and backyard games.

Midland has two fireworks displays (so we've been told); one downtown and one at the country club.  The country club just happens to be up the street from our home, and from our friends' house, so we were able to walk up the street to find our places for the show.

With just enough time to spare to play with sparklers.  For the first time.

One of the perks we've found of living in Michigan is the later sun in the summer evenings.  Being this far west in the eastern time zone means we get the longest hours of sunlight.  It's awesome.  Except on the night of July 4th, when they don't start the show until it is legitimately dark, which isn't until well past 10:00.

But the fireworks were really good, we all enjoyed them, and an 11:00 bedtime is okay.  Once a year.

We had plans to head out Friday morning to check out a local attraction that we have yet to explore, but those plans went kaput when the boys didn't wake until 8:00 (yes!) and I laid on the couch until after 9:00 before I decided I had better get the day started.  So the morning was a wash, but with Brad home for the day, we decided it would be the best afternoon to take in one of the two movies we wanted to see at the theater this summer.

But not this one.  It doesn't come out for another month, but the stupid theater let me down and didn't have a giant cardboard display of "Monsters University" so I took this photo op (to save for later) instead. :)

We all enjoyed the movie, although if you look closely at Reed's "smile" you might not be so sure.

It was his first trip to the theater, and it might have taken him a bit to take it all in.  He sat on my lap or cuddled with my arm for much of the movie.  He ended up really liking the movie, even cheering at the appropriate moment near the end of the show.

Random sidenote:  I might be in love with Sulley. ;)

And then Saturday.

Saturday we spent at Cran-Hill Ranch, a Christian summer camp and family campground about 65 miles west of us.  It is very popular at our church, and several families were camping there over the holiday weekend so we joined them for Saturday brunch before spending the next few hours on the beach.

We also rented a rowboat so that all four of us could go together out onto the lake.  No pictures of that...the risk of capsizing was much greater than my chances of getting any decent photographs. :)

There is a lot to do at camp, and we didn't even see a fraction of it.  We did get a chance to say hello to some farm friends before we left, though.

 {The bunnies were the favorite.}

Dinner stop at McDonald's on the way home, complete with ice cream cones for dessert.

Not too shabby for a stay-at-home holiday weekend!

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