Friday, July 12, 2013

May & Early June

I am in the beginning stages of second trimester energy and productivity, which for me, means a list of endless projects.  I would say that, as of now, there are at least 10 different projects in the works, and when I'm not activity engaged in one of those, I'm thinking of about 100 others to add to the list.  I am a busy body; I like to be active and productive and feel as though I've accomplished something at the end of the day.  Around here, that is translating into organizing, unpacking boxes (still!  aaarrghhh!), endless scrapbooking pages, diy projects around the house (lately, sewing pillow covers and curtains) and the list just goes on and on.  Perhaps if I spent as much energy thinking about what we're going to have for supper as I do everything else, we'd actually eat meals at the end of the day!  Ha!

So on that list of "to dos" is catching up on my photos and on Project Life.  And on this ol' blog.  I haven't spent a whole lot of time on here this year, for a number of reasons.  It's been a bit of a relief, to be completely honest, and I've come to really value time away from the computer (in all facets) but I'm also quite ready to get back on this "life matters and I want to remember it" bandwagon.  So after about six weeks of pregnancy-induced fatigue, and then just pure laziness that ensued the few weeks after, I was quite behind in the documentation of our daily life that I love so much.  April and May are finally in the books (quite literally) and I just need to now edit the pictures I've chosen for June so they can be printed and inserted into the album.  But as I was catching up, I was reminded about just how much has happened that I haven't mentioned here.  And for the sake of our blog books (which I publish yearly for our own keepsakes), I want to be sure some of these photos and events make their appearance.

So here's what and two months ago. :)

 Froggy boots are good in any kind of weather, in any kind of activity.

 Drew's school carnival.

 This was one of those moments when I would have rather said no.  But their joy was greater than my preference.

 Mother's Day!

 Waiting-for-school-to be-out selfies.

 My joy.

Me, according to Reed.

Midland Memorial Day Parade.

Brad's birthday!

 Our first visit to Big Boy.

 Great Lakes Loons game...

 ...complete with mascot autographs and running the bases!

And soccer.  Lots and lots of soccer... post coming soon!


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