Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Window into the Womb

We were so excited...but always a bit nervous...to head into the doctor this morning for our big 20 week ultrasound.

We are thrilled to share that our baby is absolutely beautiful in every way!  Beautiful brain, beautiful heart, beautiful beautiful beautiful.  Baby has everything s/he should have and everything looks exactly as it should.

The baby was a bit uncooperative and, apparently, not very photogenic.  S/he was facing my spine so capturing a profile shot was next to impossible (we did get a profile view of the nose and lips, but you have to be a sonogram aficionado to actually see it in the picture), but we did get a full frontal face shot.

At 20 weeks, the babe is still quite skeleton looking.  So beware.  This is a little night-of-the-living-deadish.

"Beautiful" from that angle may not be the right adjective...  I know I'm creeped out every time I look at it.  It's okay if you are, too. :)


 bottom of the feet

beautiful spine!

And when the exam ended and our very sweet, kind and personable sonographer kiddingly exclaimed "I know what you're having!!"... we stuck to our guns and didn't ask her to spill the beans!  :)

I haven't felt much for movement yet, but I felt the baby push back quite a bit when the ultrasound tech was waving her wand around.  Such a wiggly baby today!  And the most precious thing ever: we saw the baby yawn!  A big, giant, boy-am-I-exhausted yawn that was followed by a hand to the mouth to kind of wipe it away.  It was so cool!

For anyone that knows our history, you know how emotional this pregnancy ride can be for us.  While it's clear to everyone that I am indeed pregnant (and it's even more clear to my bladder!), it's hard to process the early months of being pregnant.  There is always weariness and anxiety and concern and worst-case-scenario thinking that takes over most of the thrill and excitement and realness of the whole thing.

So I needed today.  Today made is really real.

Today was a really great day, indeed.

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