Tuesday, January 13, 2009

31 Weeks, and Counting...

A quick update on Baby before I lay down for a nap. Man, this third trimester exhaustion is, well, exhausting!

I saw the perinatologist in Peoria last Tuesday for a second time to remeasure the baby's anatomy. Everything is looking great. He tells me there is nothing to worry about; but did mention that the baby's head is ginormous. Approximately 3 1/2 weeks ahead-of-schedule ginormous. I asked if that might play a role is going a full 40 weeks, and he said "it might." He'd recommend to my physician that remeasuring in another few weeks in my clinic might be a good idea. The baby currently weighs 4 pounds, 1 ounce, and they can also tell with all of their fancy technology and calucating, that this baby is on target to weigh less than Drew did at birth (9 lbs 2 oz). So that's good news for me! I asked then about any medical/scientific explanation as to why my belly is so extremely large. He said "no." The numbers they use for measuring are pretty crude, and some women will measure small, some large, and others right on. I'm just that lucky, I guess. He then let me go without having to make any appointments to see him again.

Back to my doctor yesterday for a routine OB check. I saw a different doctor in the clinic than I have been most recently, so I didn't feel like I could ask some of my questions without having to explain the whole of the "issues" I'm having. After measuring my belly, she did comment that I have a "pretty big one in there." (Duh.) I then asked about delivering early because of it and she said that just because a baby is big doesn't mean I'll go into labor early. (Double duh. Drew was big and was two days late.) I didn't pursue any kind of discussion about inducing early at that point. So everything is status quo. Nothing new. My next appointment is in another two weeks, with the doctor I'm more familiar with, so perhaps will begin the I-really-want-this-baby-to-come-like-pronto discussion with him then.

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