Monday, January 5, 2009

Good Night, Drew. Good Night, Elmo?!?!

My little boy is growing up too fast!

I knew it would be around this time that we'd begin to transition Drew into his new bed, and his new room, making room for Baby in Drew's old room and the crib. I just didn't think it would be this easy! Don't get me wrong, I'm thanking my lucky stars for it! (I can only hope potty training is this successful!) After we returned from our travels to IA and MN for the holidays, my plan was to begin to transition Drew to his new bed beginning with naptime. I figured that after a couple weeks, he'd be ready to try his new bed at night time too. Well, apparently Elmo is all a little boy needs to make such a big change! With his new Elmo sheets, pillow, and blanket, Drew not only stayed in his new bed and fell asleep yesterday at nap time, he did so at bedtime, too! And slept until 8 this morning! That makes today Day #2 with no problems. Too good to be true, I figure. I'm sure we'll hit a wall one of these days and have to fight Drew to stay in bed instead of play with the toys in his new room. Until then, I'll consider this a very successful milestone for our little guy...and a very emotional one for mom as I realize more and more that my baby isn't going to be my baby for very much longer!


  1. congrats on the smooth transtion. Becky