Monday, January 26, 2009

The Big Day!

WOW! Drew is two! I'm having one of those "mom moments," where I sit here in total disbelief that two years has already passed since Drew was born. (And I wonder how my parents must feel!) And perhaps all the details of that day are so vivid because we are quickly approaching the arrival of #2. (I can only hope that delivery goes as well as Drew's did!) We are enjoying a quiet day together at home. Like Drew's Uncle Justin said, "bummer to have a Monday birthday"... but lucky for Drew, he has the day off. :) And so does Brad, so we've been veggin' all day. Drew's even still in his PJs (hey, it's his birthday...nothing is off limits. That is with proper adult supervision!) Drew got to open a present from us today, but we're saving the rest until Saturday when grandmas and grandpas are here to celebrate with us. Here are a few snaps from this morning, and some other favorites from the last month.

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  1. Happy Birthday Drew! Hmmm...your toys are looking vaguely familiar! Great minds think alike:)