Monday, May 18, 2009

Congratulations, Matt!

We made our first road trip with the new van to Des Moines for Brad's nephew's graduation party (man, I can't believe that kid is graduating!...I'm old!). It was fun to be able to say "I'm taking a nap in the back" as Brad drove us home. It's a big step up from snoozin' in the passenger seat! This was also the first time for Brad's family to meet Reed. I'm pretty sure they were all smitten with him! :)

Our thanks to Brent, Esther, Lew and Lauren for letting us stay at your house, and a HUGE thanks to Lew, Lauren, Ali and DJ for playing with Drew all day on Saturday. I hope he didn't become too much of a bother! I know he had a great time as he couldn't stop talking about all of you (and Smokey) when we got home. We are anxious to see all of you again soon!

Hangin' with Lewis and Elmo.

This is what I saw as I came upstairs to find was as quiet as could be as these three were coloring.

Drew's birthday present from Aunt Sheryl and family.

Drew's not going to let a game of b-ball stop him from mosey-in' through.

The usual position...Reed slept during much of the day.

Reed and Lauren

Reed and Alison

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