Saturday, May 9, 2009

What a Week!

TUESDAY: Another call to the pediatrician for Reed. A brief update...after returning from MN, I had called his doctor because he continued to spit-up/throw-up after feedings. (Mind you, this is the expensive formula and I just want to tell Reed to keep it in his belly!) The doctor wanted me to try thickening his formula with cereal, which is supposed to make digestion easier. After a few bottles, we had a totally new baby. Happy and content, with significantly fewer crying spells! YAY! It appeared as though we had finally found our solution... until Reed got constipated. What was resolved in one area (the stomach) had generated a new problem in another area (the toosh). So after exhausting all options in terms of trying to fix this new problem (I tried juice, karo syrup, different bottles, prayer!) the doctor prescribed a daily stool softener. I am pleased to report that the poopin' train is back on track!

WEDNESDAY: We left the boys at home with Rich & Chris, a couple from church whom Drew just adores, and Brad and I went van shopping! We hoped that at some point this year we'd be able to buy something bigger for our growing family, but I figured it wouldn't be until the end of the year. Well, when Brad got the "itch" and started doing research, I encouraged it the best I could! We headed to the Honda dealership and signed our lives away. It was such a fun, and stressful, experience. We are so pleased with our new van, and I have officially obtained "soccer mom" status!

"Domestication sweepin' the nation!" - a quote by my brother Justin...too bad that doesn't fit on a license plate...

THURSDAY: Go figure that the morning after we commit our finances for the next 5 years to paying for the van, Luci wakes up bleeding. She had what looked like a cut or gash on her tooshie. Off to the vet she goes, to be diagnosed with a ruptured anal gland (gross, I know) and severe ear infections (she was due for her yearly appointment anyway, and her ears have been a continuous problem and concern so I wanted to be sure the vet looked closely at them). She stayed at the clinic for the day to have a few procedures done, and when I went to pick her up at 5, I walked away with a $400+ bill and three medications. Poor girl. Poor pocketbook. Literally.

FRIDAY: While attempting to stand on his footstool in the bathroom to brush his teeth, Drew slips and somehow bites his tongue. I wasn't sure exactly how he did this (hit his chin on the countertop??) but he started to cry and as I peeked into his mouth to make sure he still had all of his teeth, I see blood. A lot of blood. I admit I had a brief freak-out moment, but kept my cool so Drew wouldn't freak-out, too. He was quite the trooper. He didn't cry for very long, so he was able to wash out his mouth with water and a washcloth, and I could see that he still had all of his teeth, but he had taken quite the bite out of his tongue. It was so sore that he couldn't sip out of his sippy cup at lunch! As you can see, he enjoyed sticking his tongue out at me all day so I could see how it was doing.

TODAY: Up early today to walk in the Peoria Race for the Cure with Terri, a friend from church who is a two-year breast cancer survivor. A bit chilly as we started off; 53 degrees and VERY windy. The boys stayed bundled warm in their new double stroller (thankfully Reed slept the entire walk) and by the time we crossed the finished line, the sun was shining. We celebrated Terri and we remembered my Grandma Gushee, who lost her battle to breast cancer in 1995.

WHEW! I wonder what next week will bring....


  1. Hmm..let's play what's wrong in this picture. Maybe it's just me but I see Drew all bundled up with a hooded sweatshirt & fuzzy blanket. Mom has a scarf and mittens on. Perhaps it's Dad...standing in shorts. I think next week brings a trip to the Dr. for Dad!

  2. I am tired just reading this!