Friday, May 29, 2009

Elmo & Friends

It has taken me quite a while to finish putting Drew's big boy room together. I began moving Drew's things from the nursery into his new room back in December. Our original plan was to transition Drew right into a twin size bed and forgo the toddler bed (who wants to make a major transition twice?!). But when someone at church was giving their toddler bed away, how could I say no to free? (Besides, after finding this very cute Elmo toddler bed set at Walmart, I knew I needed it!) Then the hunt began for all things Sesame! It was quite the challenge as Drew has a lot of wall space to cover and I have a very limited budget for such things. So I put my creativity to work and came up with this!

Drew's artwork, just as you enter his door.

Family pictures among our Sesame friends.

I am the most proud of this wall. I was really stumped as to what I could do to cover a large part of Drew's walls. I found these pictures in one of Drew's books, scanned them into the computer, enlarged, printed on cardstock, and adhered to foam board. Looks pretty good, huh?

Elmo wall stickers bought off eBay.

One of the few non-Elmo items...Drew's Cars collection!

So what took so long, you ask? Well, for starters, I had another baby, if you've forgotten. :) But the greatest struggle has been the Elmo wall stickers. Contrary to the package instructions, these things do not stick to textured walls! After several failed attempts at getting them to actually stick, I have found a solution that seems to be working. And, so now, Drew's room is finally complete (it only took me 6 months, but who's keeping track??).

The nursery pretty much remained the same, with a few additions here and there. In case you've forgotten, or haven't been to our house for a visit, this is Reed's room.


  1. It looks nice!

    But I must warn you...we have some similar wall stickers in Garret's room and peeling them off the wall and playing with them became a good "nap avoidance" activity. And now they are covered with lint and crud and won't stick! I moved the rest up out of his reach. :)

  2. Cute room, Lesley! What is it with toddlers and Elmo?!?! Lydia would LOVE a room like this but I'm leaning towards a totally girly room (think pink and green with butterflies etc). Maybe Lydia would settle for some Abby Cadabby decor instead of Elmo?? Your nursery is cute too!!